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Woodelf Autumnal treeman
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Target


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Woodelf Autumnal treeman

Woodelf Autumnal treeman

When I started it seemed like a nice idea.....
Thousands of leaves later I had lost my soul, and was ready for a break....
Comments and advice very much encouraged and appreciated.
There is a GW treeman under there (honest)

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Viewer comments:
#202520 Rating: 8 10 Nov 2006
I love the birds and the idea of the piece, but like the others I'd love to see some other angles, you can't see much of the figure itself from that high angle shot.
#202304 Rating: 10 7 Nov 2006
That is a fantastic job. I could only hope to be able to match it at some point down the road.
#202173 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2006
You must be insane if you don't give this piece of lunacy 10/10! Absolutely brilliant work.
#202123 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2006
You are insane, it looks like a real tree...
#202058 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2006
this is DAMN AMAZING, i dont think people appreciate your effort... best treeman ever. 10 points
#202037 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2006
Wow, but hey, I can't see the "man" in the "treeman"! Post other pics so I can see, please!
#202029 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2006
Damn!...thats truely an insane jop...I love it! and I wonna see more pics!
#201949 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2006
That's insane. I can't see any other word for it. The result is breathtaking, really. Bravo!
#201754 Rating: 9 2 Nov 2006
lol very nice job! But I can see that part of you slowly going insane. "Oh look another one I missed.." I see the cunning use of GW sprues on the birds.. aren't those great! Well.. great painting and great idea. And I take my hat off for your patience! Sven
#201141 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2006
this is the best treeman i have ever seen, it's just fantastic, sad you didn't made a picture of it globally from the front. What i found really cool are the birds, owl...etc how did you made them, buy it and where?? you must say a bit more about it, how you made it the roots, the branches and the leaf. Plz make a comment about it or edit your picture. 10 outstanding






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