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Black Orc Warboss - Slayer Sword UK '06
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Fantasy

by Albert Moreto Font

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Black Orc Warboss - Slayer Sword UK '06

Black Orc Warboss - Slayer Sword UK '06

Hello everyone again! It's been a while since I posted a pic for the last time so it will be nice having a new one to show you guys n' girls.
So, this was my entry at last Golden Demon UK'06 and I was lucky enough to come up not only with gold but also the Slayer Sword. A dream come true I must say!
I started the figure last February but I couldn't do much, busy with university stuff, until June, when summer holidays started.

It is a 90% scratchbuilt miniature, using only small details from the GW range, such as the hands (from WH40k Ork Nobs), the imperial helmet (from Gimgor Ironhide - although very much converted by guts hehe) or the snotling.
The putties involved were Super Sculpey for the very basic and general anatomy shapes, that is, torso and legs. After baking I used only Milliput (yellow-grey) and Greenstuff, as always, in different proportions of their 2 components and mixing both putties as well, depending on what area to sculpt. I really enjoyed it all, as it is my first true scratch ever.
I know there are some anatomy mistakes such as the back, but its great people is telling me so I will be trying my very best for next year and keep improving as always!

As for the paintjob, I am quite proud of it, I couldn't finish it at my very best because of time limitations as GD was approaching fast, but anyway I kept with my moody and realistic-fantasy style and dark colours and so on. I put more effort too in the zenithal light thing, as well as colour intensity, having in mind I had burned (greyished) colour way too much in my latest job.
In August I went to the GW Studio to paint for the 'Eavy Metal in a job experience, and I must thank from here all the guys in 'Eavy Metal, Martin Footit, Alex Hedstrom and especially Seb Perbet and Mike Anderson for their help in the sculpting tips in my free time. This wouldn't have been possible without them all.

Also, I must thank the Spanish Team for their support throughout this project, especially at the bad moments I had when I was really fed up of the model, but also during my progression in the last years. You guys are the best!
Same goes to my brother & all the other friends I have, you guys know who you are!
I did have very good time at Games Day too, it was good seeing Joe Hill, Adrian Bay, Jakob Nielsen, Matt Cexwish and all the others, hope to see you all soon again!

In conclusion, I hope you like it and of course criticisms, suggestions, tips, questions, doubts or anything will be welcome!


PS: forgot to say it's based on an Adrian Smith artwork!

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#201165 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2006
man...speechless... this is A ORC! maybe the best one ever seen!
#201152 Rating: 10 29 Oct 2006
Una maravilla de mini, después del curro que te llevó no esperaba menos, y aún me me sorprendió. Me encanta tanto la escultura como la pintura, muy oscura y en tu línea. Un gran salto, enhorabuena por la espada.






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