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armoured skeleton
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by automaton

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armoured skeleton

armoured skeleton

Here is a fun project that I finished last week - an armoured skeleton haha! As something funny, I used a plastic GW skeleton (without the head) as a sort of armature to sculpt my own skeleton, with a little more armour and clothing. It was fun to practice a little bit of sculpting - you can see the green in the bottom pic - although there are some anatomical problems...but never mind, it was good for learning. The beige parts of the sculpt - the sword blade, shield and core of the scabbard - are milliput yellow-grey. You can see some grey parts of the plastic skeleton showing in places as well.

For the painting, I wanted to do some more work with metallics, and I tried to make the metals and rust a little darker than my usual. ANd I decided to use a little red for some of the armour plates and shield, because I haven't been using much red in my painting recently! So good for a change. And I like painting those blue-green colours on the robes and clothing haha, I think the colour is something more unusual for undead, but suits them quite well.

I hope you like him!

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Viewer comments:
#322373 Rating: 9 18 May 2010
looks alot like an orc'ish skull. nice work!
#223689 Rating: 10 11 May 2007
Those metallics rock! You are an inspiration!
#214230 Rating: 9 11 Feb 2007
La peinture est vraiment magnifique , la sculture aussi : 9
#204680 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2006
As I told you, I like it a lot! Very nice blends and remember about "painting echoes" Bravo!
#204283 Rating: 10 23 Nov 2006
Love this mini, it was great to meet you at the Golden Camel, and congrats on the painters choice. Beautiful mini you've got here, the sword and the base are my favorite parts, stunning work all round. ~ Luis
#204090 Rating: 10 21 Nov 2006
Oh that blue-green works perfectly with the other 'standard' skeleton colors. Awesome sculpting too, I miss the more expressive skulls of older GW models that you've captured here. How did you make those flowers on the base?
#204005 Rating: 10 21 Nov 2006
I´ve never seen a skeleton painted like this. You can´t be mortal. :O Great sculpt and perfect paintjob. Fantastic metal as usual.
#203942 Rating: 9 21 Nov 2006
Woah Sebastian!! Great and funny work! I'm happy to see that you'r praticing the sculpting. I'm sure that we'll see amazing minis in the future!! And I hope that you speak about your Metallics tones in a second article for gameforzes magazine, hahahaha. Congrats my friend!
#203931 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2006
Dammit, you sculpt as well as you paint!
#203912 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2006
What an incredible work Sebastian!!! O___O Now you're also a great sculptor!!! You're a genious my friend!






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