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Greens - Skaven Giant Dog of War
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Jax

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Greens - Skaven Giant Dog of War

Greens - Skaven Giant Dog of War

Pardon the crummy photos, I didn't have a good setup at the time. May take some better ones later!

Once I saw the plastic giant model, I reaallly wanted to get one for my Skaven army-- but of course, It had to be warped by the rats! Had a lot of fun with this, as it was my first big green conversion, and one of few major conversions to date. I'm fairly new to playing with the putty, still learning!

May be hard to tell in these shots, but he's got a Screaming Bell club, and chunks of Warpstone jammed into his back.

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#385170 Rating: 10 14 Dec 2012
That has to be the COOLEST, MOST IMAGINATIVE conversion of G.W's Giant I have ever seen...WONDERFUL sculpting. VERY WELL DONE!
#247153 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2008
It's just incredible! I would love to had one of those "Skaven Giants" in my army. Great work, it's really something! 10 from me!
#203819 Rating: 8 19 Nov 2006
I really like your work here. The giant's head reminds me of the monster in "Curse of the Demon".. (which is Night of the Demon in the UK). A few stray mold lines are the only issues I see. Very good GS work. The character has a sinister vibe and it works wonderfully. Looking forward to more stuff from you.






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