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Troll from Battle for Skull Pass
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by pucis

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Troll from Battle for Skull Pass

Troll from Battle for Skull Pass

A stupid creature, Full of muscles and no brain, like myself.

I painted him by very smooth technique, but finish did not fulfil me. So I covered his skin with lot of ribs like LOTR troll has. I hope you like him. I like very old statue of dwarf with rust chain.

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#273397 Rating: 10 23 Oct 2008
Magnificent (i've painted one myself and know what a bad-would use slang but then my comment would be deleted- sculpt it is)
#214606 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2007
I think this mini is an ugly sculpt, and that is precisely the reason I give you the highest mark - you made this look great, very lifelike paintjob (whatever trolls look like in 'real life'), the skin looks great and the old dwarf statue with the rusty chain is awesome.
#204286 Rating: 9 23 Nov 2006
Even I don't like this mini I admire the paintjob. Clear and smooth. Well, dude, you rock!
#203857 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2006
Sweet Jeebus behind the sofa! :O This is the best troll I've ever seen! I kinda liked this mini before, but now I love it with a passion. You have done a great job... Really nice.
#203839 Rating: 10 20 Nov 2006
Excellent paintjob. My favourite detail is the foot from below. Nice. Besides, I also like the miniature itself. Definitely better then the metal funny trolls.
#203813 Rating: 9 19 Nov 2006
Best paintjob I've ever seen on this mini. You make him look good! The wear on the statue is great, and the skin is cool too. One thing I don't get -- purple nipples? They don't seem to suit the scheme.






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