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The Emperor
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: SF

by Hortwerth

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The Emperor

The Emperor

This mini was sculpted from scratch as a commission piece. The pose and most of the details had to be agreed upon by the client. It took me almost a year to actually complete this model.

What more can I say...

Comments welcome!

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Viewer comments:
#255976 Rating: 10 16 Apr 2008
that sword is awsome...paint job is top notch...inspirational peice man
#252401 Rating: 10 10 Mar 2008
Awesome. One of the best peices I have seen on CMON, I wish you would have entered this into a GD before turning it over,I am sure it would have easily placed. the sword alone is a piece of art.
#216164 Rating: 8 26 Feb 2007
I don´t like his face very much, but otherwise a truly great miniature, grandiosely sculpted and a brilliant paintjob.
#214294 Rating: 10 12 Feb 2007
What Scibor said.
#213417 Rating: 10 4 Feb 2007
the best emperor at CMON
#211371 Rating: 10 18 Jan 2007
This miniature is beautiful. I cant complain like some of the other people out there. This is the best Ive seen yet! I Love It!
#209351 Rating: 10 4 Jan 2007
A breathtaking mini regardless of what some of the muppets below me have said. Its funny how none of them have any of there own minis posted isnt it!? There isnt a single aspect of this mini flawed enough to warrant any score below a 9 for anyones standards, 8 is a 'great' job, this is superb and I can only hope to have some commission work from yourself in the (hopefully) not to distant future. Scoty
#207959 Rating: 7 21 Dec 2006
something seems wrong with the proportions - the chest is very small and the face is a bit goofy for the perfect human! the colours are good though
#207833 Rating: 7 20 Dec 2006
totally overrated, the paintingjob needs more work, specially the face!
#205951 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2006
Marvelous work, indead highlights on the armour from the flame would make it even better, but a 9.5+ is a must on such piece. Great job and don't worry about criticsm, the miniature speaks for him self






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