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High Elf Hero
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Alexi Z

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High Elf Hero

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#205146 Rating: 10 1 Dec 2006
Great! How do you menage such perfect minis?
#205049 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
Oh my!... *faints* Jake
#205029 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
#205026 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
(9.5) the one area you normaly let yourself down on is bases, this time you have done a fantastic job of that. the freehand on the robes is nice but the parts that are in the shaded areas of the cloak should be darker. i know it's being picky, but that is how we all improve, by having mistakes pointed out. nice work tho natalya.
#205024 Rating: 6 30 Nov 2006
With this mini you have really proven how great of an artist you are. I have not seen such robes in a while, the sparkling touch on them really lifts this piece to another lvl of painting.
#205000 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
Oooh my pure perfection!
#204971 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
#204957 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
The overall impact of this minis is breathtaking! The colourscheme, the NMM and the freehand is awesome. I see some points where the blending isn't perfect but it doesn't matter much. If everything was I'd just break down and cry.. But I have one point of improvement. Your basework is still not up to the standards of the mini. It doesn't matter if you do it simple, just try to keep at the same standard. It feels slightly rushed. However it doesn't detract from the rest of the mini so the only score I can give is a 10. I must try to paint this mini soon. Sven
#204954 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
Beautiful and inspiring piece! - Glyn
#204942 Rating: 10 30 Nov 2006
A really great mini. You are one of the masters of what one would call the comic book painting style. Your best skills are represented here: the nmm in which you are almost untouchable. There are only really minor faults in the smoothness of blending, but, since it is a picture with a really high zoom, they don't do you wrong. I like also the texture effect on the clothes and the freehands. What I would like really to see on your minis is a different point of light. It would make them even more spectacular and different from your other creations. All in all, though I'm not much into this comic style, I appreciate the technical mastery and, therofore 10 is the only mark I can give. But I urge you to try to improve your skills by aplying different solutions and perspective, like the point of light. Regards.






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