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Fallen Dark Angel Champion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by paydmydues

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Fallen Dark Angel Champion

Fallen Dark Angel Champion

Comments and suggestions are encouraged as I am painting an army inspired by this mini...

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#218198 Rating: 8 12 Mar 2007
Nice model but the fallen should be painted black according to fluff...
#205648 Rating: 9 5 Dec 2006
I've actually gotten to see this one up close and personal - so I know that there is a lot of incredible detail that didn't make it in to this photo. Increadible work and a great technique -- there are Raptors in progress that make me drool.
#205040 Rating: 9 30 Nov 2006
9 for over all effect, As he said you may want to add a little more color though. Great job, this army should rock. I hope you plan on having some bad bikers to battle the ravenwing.
#205036 30 Nov 2006
Thanks for the compliments and input. The backpack has NMM on the lower exhaust area. I like your suggestions for green in mouths of the exhaust heads. I will give them a go and see what falls.
#204973 Rating: 8 30 Nov 2006
You really have something here. I like it alot. However, I think it needs, a little more of something else. There is just a little too much of the bone color, I think maybe a metal (either nmm or metallic) on a couple small locations, a different shade of green, or something, I cant quite honestly say specifically I guess, its so close to "just right" but hmm, I think maybe the skull icon with the arrows on the chest being a non-bone color, and maybe a little bit on the backpack and it would be just right. Thats just my perspective though. I really like the conversion alot, and the scheme you have, as said, is imo, damn close to perfect for it. Maybe even a green shading effect on the chest area, faded like the helmet, and darken the inside of the mouths of the backpack daemonic faces. A little more extreme highlighting of some white on the bone areas, and on the nmm sword. Tweak it just a wee bit more, and I think you will have the start to a very unique and eyecatching Fallen Angels army. Great Work!






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