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Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by rene

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#310372 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2009
#207950 Rating: 8 21 Dec 2006
I think you need some constructive critisicm. I like the freehand ontop tho i feel it belongs better on a banner or a painting rather than this Rhino. The rest of the freehand havent got as much attention and i dont like the composition of them either. Theyre too big or blurry. I can see that if you want to you can pull this one of even better so keep it up!
#207945 Rating: 9 21 Dec 2006
This isn't about how thick the paint is! It's about the sart itself. I think it's caught an amazing feel of the renissance something I would associate heavily with the gothic and brooding Dark angels! The only thig that buggs me outright is the skulls (well more the way the teeth sit). I wouldn't worry about it though it does take a hell of a lot of doing to get right..tis tough. Fantastic work!
#207591 Rating: 10 18 Dec 2006
Badass! don't worry about those dorks that left a 6. They are just mad cause they are ok at best. They wish they could do better but can't. It's great and who cares about simantics. It's all about the painting. GREAT JOB! WHOOT!!
#207527 Rating: 10 18 Dec 2006
A 6? Buh? Caked on paint? Are we looking at the same mini? The freehand is awesom, the weathering/mud effect is great. I would cry if someone played with thing because 1) it would get nicked up and 2) Rhinos suck
#207333 Rating: 9 17 Dec 2006
Sheesh. 2 people saw this and only thought it was only one point above tabletop standard painting. Thats pathetic. Given your scores on all your other pictures and your talent level you have nothing to prove to shockfire.
#207189 Rating: 10 15 Dec 2006
6... a fricken 6 r u serious, as a DA player i would play with this tank ALL THE TIME, if your so worried about it getting blown off the table put a tech priest in it and fix it when it gets damaged, this is the best looking tank i have ever, EVER seen, gratz on the paint job its smexyness
#207171 Rating: 6 15 Dec 2006
Are we all looking at the same tank? Yes i will agree that the freehand ideas are nice but the execution is weak. The paint on the top of the tank appears to be caked on. the only blending that is somewhat nice is on the skulls, and even there the transitions are choppy. Please though by all means post close-up pictures of the different areas of the tank and prove me wrong.
#207084 Rating: 9 15 Dec 2006
Very impressive. It's what I would imagine one of those custom painted vans would look like. If it was a tank from the year 40.000.
#206710 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2006
This is great I love freehand. You inspired me to paint my own one






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