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Eldar Farseer
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Brokenblade

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Eldar Farseer

Eldar Farseer

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#329987 Rating: 10 12 Sep 2010
Really beautiful- just a shame the sword is bent...
#253769 Rating: 9 27 Mar 2008
How the hell did you paint that robe?? Pretty excellent..!
#208780 Rating: 10 29 Dec 2006
Great work! I especially love these blue blades.
#208111 Rating: 10 22 Dec 2006
The colours on this for me are nothing short of perfect. I like the way your branching out a bit and painting more bright colours where you used to stick a bit more to natural tones. (thats the impression I got anyway, Sorry If I'm wrong) I really wish I'd bid higher on this because it is one of the most beautifull minis Ive ever seen and it went for a criminaly low amount in my view. Scoty
#208098 Rating: 9 22 Dec 2006
it is incredibly beautiful instead the lights are in the same level in all the mini.. it si stotally beautiful
#208090 Rating: 9 22 Dec 2006
Nice Farseer! Really good choice of colors! Love the robe, it gives a "Renaissance" feeling. The gems are perfect. Only thing I dislike are the blades: even though the NMM is great, the colour is just not appropriate for me. But that's just my taste.
#208020 Rating: 10 21 Dec 2006
I love this clear painting and especielly the blue sword.
#207735 Rating: 10 19 Dec 2006
Your whites are unbelievable! how do you get them so rich and smooth?
#207665 Rating: 10 19 Dec 2006
I love the red on the inner robes, its fantastic. The white highlights just give them a little something extra and now i'm going to have to go repaint all my Eldar
#207529 Rating: 10 18 Dec 2006
Amazing!!! the sword is the only flaw, but i don't think it counts How did you paint the two shades of red? Some of the best reds i've ever seen!






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