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Monique De Noir
Manufacturer: Reaper
Category: Fantasy

by Errex

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Monique De Noir

Monique De Noir

Reaper vampire chick. Although this mini doesn't have sculpted fangs, I think the sculpt projects some malice. This is one of the most enjoyable minis I have worked on in a long time.

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Viewer comments:
#73821 Rating: 10 12 Feb 2004
absolutly wonderfull! Perfect! finish her! Congratulation by capcom etc.
#44882 Rating: 8 12 Jul 2003
There a number of easy ways to make slabs of stone. You could cut them from plasticard or spare bases...what I do is roll a sheet of putty over the base and cut it or file it until I like how it looks.
#27586 Rating: 10 31 Jan 2003
The more I see this mini, the more I like. I even went out and bought a copy myself Can anyone tell me how the stone slabs on the base were done? They look perfect, as does the rest of mini!
#27474 Rating: 10 30 Jan 2003
Love the colour of the sword! I like seeing the "magical" effects of a fantasy sword, which this obviously is... I like her armour too.... great job!
#26770 Rating: 9 22 Jan 2003
Hola Ruben! Where to start! The armor is very subtle but highlighted very nicely. The NMM is pretty good though maybe could use a tad more contrast. The maroon is also really good and the white trim is perfect. Great job on the face, and the white ink seems to really work well! Now, the sword! I love the sword! The glowy runes are perfect and anyone that says that sword is not fantasy based hasn't been around fantasy minis for very long, or played games with magical swords!!!! Excellent job, nonetheless!
#26419 Rating: 10 19 Jan 2003
Of all the hundreds of minis I've viewed on this site this one is, by far, my favorite. I'm not sure why, as there are some amazing minis to see, but this one is my fave.
#25174 Rating: 9 8 Jan 2003
I really like her, especially the wooden texture on the shield is truly an eye-opener. But then there ist that sword...don't get me wrong the blending is excellent, but it looks more like a lightsabre, or any other kind of sci-fi energy-weapon. Looks queer on a fantasy miniature.
#24249 Rating: 8 30 Dec 2002
Great job on her! The only things I can critique are the colors of the sword blade and her hair. The green of the sword doesn't mesh well with the red, yellow, and bluish-black of her armor, and the white hair makes her look like an old lady. I also would've liked to have seen some sort of symbol or image on her shield, since you've clearly got freehanding down pat.






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