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Death Company Captain
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by verzaniproductions

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Death Company Captain

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#400551 Rating: 8 13 Jul 2013
I love the light effect you've created around his artificial eye - it makes him look even more brutal! I think I'll borrow this idea for my blood angels. All in all, it's a great mini!
#210072 Rating: 9 10 Jan 2007
Mi piace il concept, e come hai disposto le fiamme... molto bello poi l'occhio bionico e le due pistole plasma, è davvero tosto!
#209835 Rating: 10 8 Jan 2007
Awesome !!!! GOD bless .......VINCENTI
#209316 4 Jan 2007
Have to address the "lens on the barrell of the plasma pistol" comment. This is Science Fiction. Has anyone ever seen a working plasma pistol? Who is to say the plasma energy isn't focused through a lens instead of a barrel. I paint all my plasma and laser weapons this way, as I think it adds to the sci-fi quality. wartmcbeighn, if you have a working plasma pistol, and it in fact does have a barrel, please pardon the response.
#209314 4 Jan 2007
oops, meant to post him as Blood Angels death company captain. Just wanted to use the flame design for the armor.
#209235 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2007
Damn thats good! Jake
#209212 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2007
screw the iconagraphy! he could have fought alongside death company, and be honoured with their icons. awesome flames by the way.
#209186 Rating: 9 3 Jan 2007
This is stuning mini regardless of iconography. I'm afraid wartmcbeign is getting notorious for giving great minis low scores based on tiny details which should not bring a mini like this down to a 5 which is supposedly tabletop quality. This is obviously not tabletop quality and I'm just waiting for him to post some minis of his own. Come on wartmcbeign, were all waiting?
#209180 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2007
superb painted miniature - great freehand
#209097 Rating: 8 2 Jan 2007
Does it really matter about the iconography? I think voting a 5 because of this is getting a bit nit-picky. The flames look great as does all the freehand. The highlights on the black has been painted extremely well and subdued. And the gold on the shoulder pad trims is absolutely fantastic! I think the only thing that needs work is the base, it just looks to plain and the wrong 'setting' 7.5.






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