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Female Avatar Sculpt
Manufacturer: Greens
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by pitcube

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Female Avatar Sculpt

Female Avatar Sculpt

So…again i got something done at last;
As I am not the fastest nor the most methodic of sculptors/painters everything I tend to
embark on generally costs me more of my time than would be sensible to invest, but what the hell…
currently there are five to ten projects in various states of progress all vying for my attention,
but sometimes there comes the URGE to leave them all for the time being (they can´t run away, can they?) and create the… the….Vision you have and which denies you sleep and

so on it goes, magic sculpt in hand, forward towards creation!

This time, it again was a spark of inspiration those damn guys at GW never cease to
hit straight on in me, almost everytime I pick up a White Dwarf.
The new Eldar just look real good, but of course, I wanted something real special:
The Avatar wasn´t going to be redesigned (at least, this is what I thought at the time)
And as with the Wood Elves´ Orion I really wasn´t at all content with the mini;
in my eyes it is a bit too static and heavyset for a lithe and deadly fighter.
So, as I wanted it to be able to keep up with an image of swiftness (I entertain the pleasant fantasy of creating a Saim-Hann army that will most likely be complete in about 427 years at current speed) so my avatar had to be a sprinter; a spear then would be my weapon of choice,
mainly as a tip to the hat to the first version of Avatar ever produced but also as it better conveys the streamlined effect I wanted to achieve.
The main theme is the various streamers I used to create a motion, meaning the flowing hair,
strips of cloth, stream of smoke trailing the flames…

the mini is much larger than any avatar before, it stands about 25 cm´s high
so it really gets center piece status, able to take on any comers.
(Greater Daemons, tremble!!)

Ah, yes: the avatar is not a man this time, posing some unique challenges with the sculpting
(not the least being seen by my wife sculpting boobs on an apparently nude female, this was
not an easy one to talk oneself out of…)

I would really appreciate any comments as I still am unsure about the paintjob…

Happy Painting and thanks for watching!

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Viewer comments:
#398971 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2013
you have a great imagination and the skill to make it come alive, very impresiv
#346043 Rating: 9 15 May 2011
very very nice, but... I don't like the butt, at all. Except this, fantastic job, really. I would like to see it painted... By me
#221333 Rating: 10 14 Apr 2007
A maneater ^^
#220364 Rating: 10 4 Apr 2007
#216496 Rating: 10 28 Feb 2007
Oh, oh oh, now THAT is the Avatar very nice job, really really inspired.
#215813 Rating: 10 23 Feb 2007
Sublime! I'd buy one...
#214918 Rating: 9 17 Feb 2007
I think it looks amazing. I can't see if you've mimicked the lavalike cracks in the Avatar's skin, but I hope you have! Would love to see it painted. I assume you're as good a painter as a sculptor? Nice work. Were I at your level of sculpting skill I might have done an unmasked face, as that is mostly what makes it look a bit Banshee-like.
#212956 31 Jan 2007
Thank you all for your comments! i really appreciate the time you took and am absolutely pleased that the mini got so much positive response! i currently am in the middle of painting the lady, i dearly hope it comes off... the banshee was of course a main influence in the design, being a near perfect amalgamation of style and (killing)grace, i hope to set it off against the avatar-esque details but it remains to be seen if it works out the way i want; for the paintjob will be decisive in regards of overall effect... i hope you will like it as well! stay tuned and Happy Painting to you all!
#212565 Rating: 9 28 Jan 2007
To me it looks most like a really big howling banshee- but thats not necessarily a bad thing great job
#212129 Rating: 10 24 Jan 2007
PAINT!! PAINT!! PAINT!! Plus, can we see a closeup of the face and left side? I have to admit I can't really get a good idea of the details from the photos, but it looks phenomenal! Oh, and what material(s) did you use?






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