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Warhammer Painted Rare Unreleased Witch Elf
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by haley

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Warhammer Painted Rare Unreleased Witch Elf

Warhammer Painted Rare Unreleased Witch Elf

This is a very special collector's item, a rare miniature painted to a high standard and based for display. This is one of the original master casts for the Dark Elf army, from Chris Fitzpatrick's personal collection. Three different witch elves were sculpted with one or both breasts bare, and less than half a dozen metals were ever made of each. This one, as a master cast, is in perfect condition and unconverted.

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Viewer comments:
#238798 Rating: 10 19 Oct 2007
why didnt my mini look this good ? well worth a 10
#141794 Rating: 10 23 Jul 2005
If you don't mind me asking, how was the skin done? liche/warlock purples blended with elf flesh? or just whites? and, totally wonderful model, one of my favorites on CMON.
#118394 Rating: 10 15 Jan 2005
damn how lucky to get one of these its an awesome paintjob and the nmm is great! the only thing i really, really dislike are the fingers but thats not enought to score it down
#96973 Rating: 10 9 Aug 2004
...but where is Justin Timberlake
#87331 Rating: 10 1 Jun 2004
So jealous, so very jealous...
#87065 Rating: 10 30 May 2004
Amazing! And i really like that base.
#65342 Rating: 10 17 Dec 2003
Your eye for detail is amazing. It looks like you even gave her bruises on her right thigh from her barbed jewelry. Grade A stuff!
#50979 Rating: 10 27 Aug 2003
Wonderful skin and hairs, personally I'd choose different colours for clotches but in total it's one of the best minis I ever seen
#50701 Rating: 9 25 Aug 2003
No fancy freehand here, but I think the beautiful color pallette you have chosen more than makes up for it. This is probably one of my favorite minis of yours! The face is absolutely stunning. Only thing is the fingers... - Glyn
#50519 Rating: 10 24 Aug 2003
"Pig-like"? Gosh, is there something like a purple pig???? Now seriously, I love the skin tone, and the hair, too. I'm not sure about the green nipples, they seem a bit unnatural to me... but then, she's a Dark Elf. I can't really know for sure which colour their nipples are, can I?






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