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Diorama Helldorado
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Terrain

by Manumilitari

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Diorama Helldorado

Diorama Helldorado

Voici un diorama réalisé pour servir de display et fond de photo pour le jeu Helldorado de Asmodée.
45cm/26cm/hauteur : 24cm
Fabrication : Tom Le Portois
Concept et peinture : Manuel Sanchez

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Viewer comments:
#342524 Rating: 10 18 Mar 2011
i want to knock on it just to see who or what answers! i really love the creepy vibe that area gives off and you did the stone and weatherfades nicely ..very well done !
#215547 Rating: 10 21 Feb 2007
A masterpiece, as always my friend... full of details and greatly painted!
#215184 Rating: 10 19 Feb 2007
A beautiful display board. It reminds me of the Gates of Moria, but with a hellish twist. Sort of Hellraiser meets LoTR.
#214786 Rating: 10 16 Feb 2007
Magnifique réalisation. un gros Bravo ! Thierry.
#214637 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2007
Very impressive piece, very sinister, that indeed may be the door to eternal damnation - 'lasciate ogni speranzia voi che entrate' - forsaken hope you who you enter.
#214609 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2007
J'ai hate de voir les figurines de JAG et Thomas courir dans ce somptueux décor. Toujours aussi fan des réalisations de la Team Toulouse.
#214473 Rating: 9 13 Feb 2007
Very nice backdrop! Well presented and well finished as we have come to expect from team toulouse!
#214206 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2007
peintre et un peu joueur et bien moi ca attise mon envie de jouer sur une base aussi belle ,bravo, la porte et les fetiches qui la bordent sont geniaux, comme les tonalités qui sont d'enfer ( des fig de mathieu sur ce terrain et c'est epoustouflant!!!), travail de pro!
#214119 10 Feb 2007
This Terrain is made as a base for Asmodée to put their mini where they want to and take photos. that's why their so much open space. this is some kind of background.
#214042 Rating: 8 9 Feb 2007
The concept of the doorway is nice, and the door is well executed. But the piece over all seems rather uninteresting to me. It's a large open space, with little color contrast. * for the good work on the rock wall itself.






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