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mounted Tzeentch Champion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Nightshroud

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mounted Tzeentch Champion

mounted Tzeentch Champion

Bronce at the GW-Fanworld Golden Angel Contest.
Converted with various Bits and a lot of GS.

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#233679 Rating: 10 28 Aug 2007
wie immer ne erstkassiges modell, über das senmm haben sich ja schon genug menschen das maul breitgelarscht, aber ich muss sagen das es mich an dem modell nicht stöhrt da der gesamteindruck immer noch umwerfend ist... ob es jetzt 1 oder drei linien auf dem schild sind oder nicht.... oder die falsche linie auf der anderen seite scheis egal.... mach so wieter andré
#218081 Rating: 10 10 Mar 2007
This is great work. I don't think the photo quality does justice to your obviously wonderful freehand on this...but I'm not voting on your photography skills. 10 easy.
#214280 Rating: 10 11 Feb 2007
SWEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!! ('nuff said)
#213944 Rating: 9 8 Feb 2007
This is sick. And by sick I mean totally rad. Better pics would score a 10, though. With freehand (OMG at the cloak) like this, you need to show it off with close-ups and better pics. Rock on, brotha, rock on.
#213935 Rating: 8 8 Feb 2007
Fantastic base, great conversion, good freehand, but some of the blendings aren't done as well as others (his left foot, the scroll). And, for my specific taste, he looks a little too cheerful. I know that Tzeentch is the John Harrison among the chaos gods, but still IMHO the whole thing should have a darker look. 8,49






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