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Kroot Vulture
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by gaalsien


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Kroot Vulture

Kroot Vulture

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#77591 Rating: 8 13 Mar 2004
That a neat mini, but I want to bring something up. Please don't take this as a criticism of your painting, just something I want to say. I notice a lot of people thnat paint the Kroot paint their beaks the same way as the skin, like you're doing. But the thing is, they're BEAKS. I've never seen a bird besides crows or ravens that have beaks the same colors as their feathers or skin, they almost always stand out. It would really stand out if yuo painted the beaks differently than the rest of the Kroot. Ok, out of wind now, for a change. bye.
#46465 Rating: 8 25 Jul 2003
Nice. You got an 8 just because of the dead Ultramarine, that´s the way I like too see them. DEAD! The kroot looks real cool. Keep up the good work.
#26144 Rating: 8 17 Jan 2003
Good color choice, skin & belly. Rifle ought to be bored out a little at the end so it's not solid. Wings are great, as is the positioning. I'd like to see more views, too. This is really well done.
#25395 Rating: 8 10 Jan 2003
im not too knowledgeable on the gw universe, so i've never heard of this creature in 40k, but this is a great piece! the skin tone of the kroll is good, and i especially like the positioning of the marine. my only (constructive) criticism would be to bring out the hightlights on the marine (he seems rather flat) and smooth the blending on the flaps of the wings. But otherwise, great job!






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