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Ultramarines venerable dreadnought
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Yellow one

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Ultramarines venerable dreadnought

Ultramarines venerable dreadnought

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#346741 Rating: 9 28 May 2011
very fun
#322699 Rating: 9 23 May 2010
so many interesting things to look at, interesting indeed :p
#310880 Rating: 9 17 Dec 2009
fantastic dread, not a big fan of the vanillamarines, but i do like this one a lot :O)
#302054 Rating: 9 3 Sep 2009
Is he turned off? I mean, there is no light in his eyes and he's got some rust around his feet.. If so, the "movement" in the "lantern-situation" strikes me a little bit.. but whatsoever, paintjob is great!
#272872 Rating: 9 16 Oct 2008
Is he fixing the light? or breaking it? if so why? The paint job is wonderful, beautiful weathering and damage.
#271531 Rating: 10 1 Oct 2008
I'm not big on the old 'boys in blue', but I really like this mini
#227452 Rating: 9 21 Jun 2007
very good job, excelent miniature
#226040 Rating: 10 6 Jun 2007
Well, i'm sure you're aware then, that bad gold is alot more solid than good gold, which is softer *bites coin* Perhaps it's just that? Perhaps It's just a toy soldier, and who really cares about ultimate realism? Perhaps the gold was polished before the battle, let's not be so critical, let's get it on....
#223884 Rating: 9 13 May 2007
I have to agree with Grimm. Great model, wounderfull paint job but how did all the gold avoid battle damage while the blue got beat up?
#221378 Rating: 9 15 Apr 2007
Very nice work, the base is great and your weathering technique is killa!






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