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Prime Aberration
Manufacturer: Rackham
Category: Fantasy

by Corpuscle

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Prime Aberration

Prime Aberration

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Recipes are...
Armour was based with 50/50 VMC basalt grey/black, shaded with black glazes and highlighted by adding VMC pale grey blue. Glazed with the base colour, then black, then 50/50 emerald/intense blue with a spot of black. Sparkles were added with pale grey blue, then white then glossy white on the highest spots. Rust was added with washes of VMC black red with increasing amounts of VMC orange brown added.

Blades were based with basalt grey, shaded with VMC deep sea green, then black and highlighted by ading pale grey blue, then (VMC) silver grey, followed by white then glossy white.

Brassy bits were based with VMC English uniform and highlighted with increasing amounts of VMC goldbrown, then white.

Flesh was based with a mix of VGC elf flesh, basalt grey and VMC Oxford blue. Flesh was shaded with glazes of VMC brown rose, brown rose with increasing amounts of Oxford blue, then VMC purple, then VMC violet blue.
Flesh was re-highlighted with the base colour, then highlighted by adding GW bleached bone, then VMC ivory, then glazed with VMC azure, then re-highlighted.
Bruising and soreness were added using glazes of VMC magenta, Oxford blue, black red and GW scab red.


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Viewer comments:
#220595 Rating: 10 7 Apr 2007
Superb and a deserved winner of the competition
#219723 Rating: 10 27 Mar 2007
excelent, regards.
#219392 Rating: 10 24 Mar 2007
I do not understand why this is only an 8.8! This mini is absolutely incredable!!! Amazing paintjob!
#218731 Rating: 10 18 Mar 2007
Wow...really good!!...good touch!
#218695 Rating: 10 18 Mar 2007
Very nice! You've done an almost perfect job on this mini. The part I like most, is that you were not afraid to put light-coloured claws on light-coloured feet ... and it works well. The rest of the mini is just gorgeous ... erm ... its well painted, lets leave it at that.
#218629 Rating: 10 17 Mar 2007
Excellent work there, awesome model, must of been a bit daunting to paint, but looks to me like you pulled it off. are you available for lessons ?






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