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Typhus - Conquest of Comm Station 6 Alpha
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by PrawnPower

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Typhus - Conquest of Comm Station 6 Alpha

Typhus - Conquest of Comm Station 6 Alpha

This is the guy I did the old warrior as a test figure for and I like to think the practice at the chipped armour effect and the rust worked. The base is made from part out of an old PC DVD Drive and other pieces scavenged from some GW sprues cut up and re-arranged. Anyway I hope you like my foray into the world of 40k, just about the only thing I'd like to tweak is the monitor screen, but my first attempt didn't really work and other projects need attention so it will stay blank for a while.

The rust was done with VMC German Cammo Black Brown, VMC Black Red and VMC Bright Orange.

The verdigris was done with VMC Bronze Green and VMC Verdigris Glaze

And the chipped weathering was applied with a sponge.

Thanks for looking
All comments welcome

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Viewer comments:
#385621 Rating: 9 20 Dec 2012
I don't like Nurgle theme, but that mini delivers, excellent colors choice.
#320014 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2010
I really like that one! defnitly! real cool one
#294070 Rating: 10 26 May 2009
i really like the verdigris but its a lttiel to heavy for my taste well done its is a great job (ps is that a shoe lace i see as the wire)
#267056 Rating: 10 11 Aug 2008
the best typhus iv'e seen
#223077 Rating: 10 5 May 2007
i know you secret.....your are the devil, is the only way you cant paint these rusty metals
#221717 Rating: 10 18 Apr 2007
I believe you haha, the blending IS there and it IS great This piece really captures how I imagine a Chaos Space Marine to look. I can't really spot anything I dislike about it. Nice work dude.
#221445 16 Apr 2007
Just like to thank everyone for looking and all the botes and kind words. I'm wondering wether I should do another post with close-ups and a couple of small tweaks I did after getting a display base for it (So you can see there really is some blending, honest !!). Anyway, I just got myself the Warhammer Fantasy Nurgle Champion so expect to see something in a similar colour scheme soon.
#221287 Rating: 10 14 Apr 2007
Only a 9!?!?!? a 10 mate, good work ;-)
#221021 Rating: 10 11 Apr 2007
Excellent in every aspect. Very original aproach, unique colors and amazing mood. The base is equally good as the mini itself. The complexity is almost confusing and it reminds me somehow of Mercenary Ogryn's creations. Love the weatheres white of the armour and the scyte.
#220834 Rating: 9 9 Apr 2007
Well I think the blending went out the window... sort of. The mini has such a great atmosphere and the base is awesome and the rust and paint chips and whatnot all look great.






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