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Egyptian Princess
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Category: Fantasy

by Briggsy

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Egyptian Princess

Egyptian Princess

A flat edited by Andreas Trost and based on a sketch by Frank Frazetta, took me a long time to finish as the whole thing is quite large, she is about 50mm so that should give you an idea of the overall size. I particularly like the see through cloth effect she is nearly wearing.

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#221877 Rating: 8 20 Apr 2007
It's a fantastic idea based on a great peace of art, with perfect execution. The only thing that lets it down is the fingers seem a little awkward. Other than that Brilliant stuff.
#221432 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2007
Wow!!! I though it was a photoshoped pic at first. Very nice!! Or is it? I can't tell it's so good!!! Or my eyes just suck... don't think so! And the golden deamon go to....
#221419 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2007
Fantastic job! Great use of vibrant colour, and that transparency effect is really superb.
#221371 Rating: 10 15 Apr 2007
This is amazing, Great work !
#221210 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2007
Just fantastic. great work with shadows, sheer cloth, etc. There should be more flats on this site, especially if they look like this.
#221118 Rating: 10 12 Apr 2007
Absolutely beautiful, My hat goes off to anybody that can paint flats like this as they can be so difficult to get right, but you have done an outstanding job on this, besides the see through cloth she is nearly wearing I also like the colours of the lions and her skin. Well done indeed






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