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Dark elf sorceress
Manufacturer: Greens
Category: Fantasy

by GeOrc


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Dark elf sorceress

Dark elf sorceress

My fifth self sculptured miniature. This dark elf sorceress is also modelled ba an artwork out of the dark elf army book.

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#122432 Rating: 9 14 Feb 2005
Incredible work. As said earlier, the only problems I see are with the proportions. Head and arms are like 30MM, body and legs are like 25MM. Nothing major, it's just the only thing keeping this from being a 10. I think the flow around the model is fine, however; it has a nice 'Chaotic' Dark Elf feel, like power is crackling around her. Very nice.
#108128 Rating: 8 29 Oct 2004
Nice sculpt. Especially for the fifth. There are some area for improvement though. The proportions have been mentioned already (legs) and the head looks a tad big. Did you start with sculpting the head or end with it? I find it easier to keep to proportions if I do the head last. (Avoids scale creep). Another thing to improve is the flow of hair and drapery. It looks a little irregular. Thry to keep the lines in hair and drapery smooth. Last comment for now, if you ever sculpt for casting, keep in mind that a pose like this can not be cast in one go. Hope you find the hints usefull. Feel free to contact me or join the 1listsculpting yahoo group if you have questions.
#68946 Rating: 10 12 Jan 2004
Her legs indeed should be much longer, but face and pose are so ...enchanting! Who will produce this mini? I'd be happy to paint her...
#49881 Rating: 10 18 Aug 2003
Mehr haste nicht verdient. ^^ Nein, mal im Ernst, sieht jetzt schon klasse aus, halt der typische Georcstyle, bin auf die bemalte Version gespannt.
#27479 Rating: 10 30 Jan 2003
SWEET! Always been one of my favorite bits of Druchii art, and this is an amazingly good sculpt off it. Shame I can't get a copy for myself
#26460 Rating: 10 20 Jan 2003
If that's not a ten, I don't know what is.
#26444 Rating: 9 20 Jan 2003
Very very good... what about contacting a manufacturer? I would like very much to find in a near future your minatures in commerce.
#26434 Rating: 6 20 Jan 2003
OMG!!! pleaseeee I want to see it painted!!! this is a really COOL mini!! love the pose, the hair, and the whole thing!!! i would like to sculpt like this one day... :_(
#26423 Rating: 9 19 Jan 2003
Amazing, excellent job!!






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