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Games Day France 2007 Bronze Rider / Monster: Black Wind, Fire And Steel...
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Matt Cexwish

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Games Day France 2007 Bronze Rider / Monster: Black Wind, Fire And Steel...

Games Day France 2007 Bronze Rider / Monster: Black Wind, Fire And Steel...

Hi Di Ho!

Hej, it took ages until I finally wrote this text, sorry, sorry... I will write something immediately in future......

Here you have my Entry for the French Games Day in Paris 2007...

I was lucky enough to get Bronze for it, I am very happy......

At the beginning of 2007 I got on my secret mission... I got to the city of Love, Kitsch Souvenirs, Mouse De Pampelmuse and Pickpockets... Paris...

The French GD was just about to begin so I had the idea to visit and say hello to my French and Spanish Friends...

After some 10 Days of really hectic planning, material gathering and nightly painting I managed to do something quite good (as Jeremie would probably say...)...

This is a commision work and due to the fact, that I had not expected any win I thought about beating Two flies with one slap... (...)...

However, this is a total conversion... A Dark Apostle of the World Bearers on a nice Ride... a turbined Jetbike - Harley - Monster... The customer wished to have a leader of his army plus a Guard on Bikes, so there was the idea to have a Conversion of the Master Of The Ravenwing with flames and all the nice stuff that makes him look pretty cool...^_^...

There is a track written by Manowar called "Black Wind, Fire And Steel", and because I have seeen it on a Concert lately I was thinking about that all the time I did the Mini...^_^... I chose to change the exact Title in French because I thought it sounded more melodical...

I sculpted some parts on that, enough to know that I have to sculpt even more... The Cursed Crozius consists of 6 parts from different Systems and Armies, with it a part of the Limited Edition Valten...

It was very time consuming to file down the meathead of this guy (for example...)...

As for the paintjob I tried to use some of the things Jeremie Bonamant taught us in Berlin in his Workshop... I am not toooo satisfied with the NMM Silver plus Gold, but hey, it was a try, so I will improve hopefully......

Sadly I had problems with time schedule, so I didn´t managed to hide the pin nicely... all in all I hate to show those pins, but in this case it would be difficult to hide it somehow because of the movement of the bike (a pergament would have to move rapidely backwards...)... well, next time......

I would like to thank BEN for helping me out on the paintjob of the Face... I was unsure about it and I think he did a great job (I corrected it afterwards the way I prefered it, but he did the biggest part of it... thank you very much, du Fladen......)...

I would like to thank ALL the French Painters I met in France... You were extremely kind and showed me some tricks, plus we had a great time... Hihi... Congratulations for the Silver and Gold winning entry, they both rocked the Category...... I enjoyed the Rider (morsi...) and the Commisar Ogryn (A nice French guy...) very much...

I hope I will return to Paris in 2008 and I will definately have something with me again...

Please comment, vote, yell, applause, bravo, dislike or rate whatever you feel... I appreciate and thank you all for such a great time on this site......

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Viewer comments:
#270741 Rating: 9 23 Sep 2008
Warprat, I have no idea about the rules, but I suppose that it's fair just to judge the quality of the model, no matter if 1 or 5000 people worked on it...
#251276 Rating: 6 25 Feb 2008
Great mini !Love the conversions! but I thought the rules for golden deamon contests stated clearly that the only person that was to work on the model was the painter and that you could be disqualified for not following the rules!! i dont think it is a big deal but i am sure with all the rules lawyers in gw games you might wana be more carful about admiting to letting anyone help out on prize winning models inthe future i amsure the guy who got fourth and painted it all himslef is gonna be salty!
#235817 Rating: 10 18 Sep 2007
Awesome! the flames look amazing, and so does everything else really I especially like the really subtle glow from his eyes!
#233062 Rating: 10 20 Aug 2007
For me it is one of your best miniature i have ever seen. The idea is great as always, different and very good made. Te lights effects are awesome, and the face is a little marvellous..see you

#232387 Rating: 10 14 Aug 2007
i really like this "diorama"! its a really well painted mini! the dark red armour is awesome! fits perfect with the gold! get up the good work mate! see u in poland! //Oskar
#228537 Rating: 9 2 Jul 2007
Was soll man sagen, tolle Arbeit. Das es ein Chaot ist, sieht man aber nur an zwei kleinen Stellen, sonst könnte es fast auch ein Templer sein. Für einen Chaoten ist es mir fast noch zu Farblos.
#227826 Rating: 9 24 Jun 2007
Nice work. I used this a self tutorial on how to paint flames for some models i'm working on now. Really clean conversion, concept, follow through, and of course amazing paint. Great stuff. ThANKS.
#227008 Rating: 10 15 Jun 2007
Great work! Ghost Rider Whaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!
#223886 Rating: 10 13 May 2007
A Master work.
#223639 Rating: 10 10 May 2007
HAIL AND KILL! MANOWAR KILL!! great work, fantastic! bye, rapaz ^^






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