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Nurgle Champion - Fly Mutation
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Bill

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Nurgle Champion - Fly Mutation

Nurgle Champion - Fly Mutation

Hi guys!

This is a really nice old GW mini, sculpted about a decade before I was born it was a lot of fun to paint, practicing dirty metallics and freehand (those checks took forever...), and applying gloss to appropriate areas for that "gooey" look. The head is not very well-focused unfortunately, I was really happy with his eyes but i couldn't photograph them very well... I tried to create a metallicy-rainbow effect, like a real fly's eyes, and they turned out rather nicely. I'm pretty pleased overall with this piece, but he'll be going on eBay soon so i can pay of my iPod debts Watch this space!

I hope you like him - thanks for looking, all v&c much appreciated as always



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#279136 Rating: 9 24 Dec 2008
Out of curiousity how much did it go at auction for? Screw Ipod BTW! I love this model and the paint job. I simply don't know what to say.
#235820 Rating: 9 18 Sep 2007
Heheh awesome, I love the two-tone effect on his insecty skin, Great work!
#223903 14 May 2007
Thsnks for the comments guys Matt - I used Bubonic Brown, Liche Purple and a few touches of Blood Red and Goblin Green. Cheers!
#223835 Rating: 8 13 May 2007
Awesome freehand! Thats a nice skintone too, what colors did you use?
#221864 Rating: 9 19 Apr 2007
snap! i fell in love and i didnt even realize it was your mini. great work! how you could part with it is beyond me.

#221838 Rating: 8 19 Apr 2007
Bill - it's the 1980's calling - they want their checked clothes back NICE stuff, u talented git
#221803 Rating: 9 19 Apr 2007
Whoa! I really dig that thing. Great paint and creepy character...






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