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Thrud the Barbarian (54mm)
Manufacturer: Heresy
Category: Fantasy

by Avicenna

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Thrud the Barbarian (54mm)

Thrud the Barbarian (54mm)

This is a 54mm scale Thrud the Barbarian sculpted by Kev White for Heresy Miniatures. My usual barbaric flavoured model, but at around 90mm tall, the largest one to date!

I have limited myself to the 'official' colour scheme for him, and tried to give it a real comic-book look with the NMM and blood.

I hope you like him!

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Viewer comments:
#273070 Rating: 10 19 Oct 2008
This is terrific... a real ... what is it? A real Thrud ... bow! Regards jar
#257052 Rating: 9 28 Apr 2008
Seen this at Salute and it is a stunning job, but he needs nipples
#222556 Rating: 9 28 Apr 2007
The NMM is stunning!
#222555 Rating: 8 28 Apr 2007
8.5 I'm sure he keeps getting bigger and bigger. You wouldn't want to spill his pint, thats for sure. Oh nice paint job too btw
#222522 Rating: 9 27 Apr 2007
The skin, NMM, blood gore, great job on them all , ill keep this pic around for future reference
#222512 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2007
good to see the old thrud is not dead
#222457 Rating: 8 27 Apr 2007
Good work, but he would greatly benefit from more contrast, I think. Maybe it's the photo. 8,4
#222444 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2007
Very nice work Pete, I couldn't get close enough up at Salute on Saturday to see this properly plus the lighting in the cabinets was pants but he looks superb here , muscle serations look really good and I like the axe work. Well done.
#222414 Rating: 9 26 Apr 2007
The skin and the axe are fantastic. I also like the decapitated head, great expression. That being said, I don't like this sculpt quite as much as the other Thruds out there, but thats just me.
#222381 Rating: 9 26 Apr 2007
I had a feeling you'd be painting this soon. I think sticking to original colours is a mistake though, he looks too bland.






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