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The Boars Head Tavern
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: Terrain

by Theomar Pius

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The Boars Head Tavern

The Boars Head Tavern

Scratchbuilt old world tavern and inn, inspired by GW's empire buildings.

The building structure is foamcore. The foundation and ground is carved blue foam.
The timbers are strip balsa. The roof is made from 1149 individually cut styrene shingles, from 2 for sale signs.
The windows are from Grandt Line Products HO scale line.
More pictures can be found here:

I hope you enjoy the pics, because I really enjoyed building this one.
Please leave a comment, positive or negative, it's all learning.

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Viewer comments:
#414711 Rating: 6 21 Mar 2014
A fantastic addition to any battlefield.
#272677 Rating: 10 14 Oct 2008
Excellent work
#239142 Rating: 10 23 Oct 2007
After examining the photos closely, I saw that it's BLEEDIN' FLAWLESS, as they say it. Can't be better, I suppose.
#232347 Rating: 10 14 Aug 2007
ten of course!!!your work is very impressive!bravo!!!!!
#227633 22 Jun 2007
and thanks for all the comments, I read every one of them, and take all criticism and praise into account.
#227632 22 Jun 2007
Terrain never gets a fair shake, unless it is a flawless 9foot table with gold leaf trim lined in goats fur.
#227567 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2007
It's a 10. Plain and simple this model IS fantastic. If people who score lower would have the courage to actually say why, then perhaps all of us would benefit from their wisdom and insight? Design, build, painting, weathering - all fantastic. Perhaps one or two things I would personally do differently but do they come even remotely close to scoring it other than FANTASTIC? No, they don't. Personal choice in those areas don't affect the score and don't change the fact that it ticks all the right boxes in all the right ways for the subject at hand. It's a 10. And if you don't think so at least have the courage and decency to say why not.
#223946 Rating: 9 14 May 2007
It looks really good! I like the details...
#223921 Rating: 9 14 May 2007
Amazing details, great work !!!
#223319 Rating: 9 7 May 2007
one of the best buildings i have seen and i know how much work went into this






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