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Thousand Sons Lord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Morthai

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Thousand Sons Lord

Thousand Sons Lord

Converted by Morthai, painted by Ed Guma.

Commissioned Lord for growing pre heresy army. The whole conversion is based on ahirman miniature. Beside that, I've used some high elves bits and part of necron lord staff. Also he is mounted on limited edition glyphed tzeentch disc ( and yes, I'm aware that this wasn't a common sight before heresy ).

I appreciate all feedback

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#244596 Rating: 10 16 Dec 2007
Wow, dude. I'm most definately impressed with this and that's some great ideas using HE bitz for that clean sorcerer feel!! Giving me some juicy options for my own sorcerers! :evilgrin: Did you to the head dress out of strictly putty? The shape is perfect and this whole fig hsa Pre-Heresy written all over it (besides the fact he's riding a Tzeentch Disk hahaha)!! FANTASTIC FIGURE!!!! Hope I can find that same disk one of these days for my army, too. It's a slick bit! I'm saving this pic.
#240129 Rating: 10 1 Nov 2007
Oh hell, I'll give it a ten, the glyphs on the disc and base make it worth that. Very cool indeed!
#240128 Rating: 9 1 Nov 2007
Love it, I wish there were more Tzeentch 40K armies out there. My favourite sect of Chaos by far. Also, love the disc and colour scheme, unusual for Tzeentch, but refreshing nonetheless.
#237375 Rating: 10 3 Oct 2007
Great, Great conversion and very, very nice paintjob...... 10 Points...
#235578 Rating: 10 15 Sep 2007
Nice color scheme and paint job. Thats cool.
#233849 Rating: 9 29 Aug 2007
Your conversion alone is great (the stilized wings on his backpack give a great effect), but your paintjob is excellent, too. This mini is surely an impressive and characterfull model, the base also is very cool.

#224436 Rating: 10 18 May 2007
Very cool conversion and a really nice paintjob - a 10 from me!
#223288 Rating: 9 7 May 2007
#223232 Rating: 10 6 May 2007
Looks freaking awesome. Was going to give it a 9, but looking at it some more, I can't find anything I'd like to see different. Reds, golds and whites are all done very nicely. Especially the white.






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