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Lord Graviax, Canadian Slayer Sword 2007
Manufacturer: Scratchbuilt
Category: SF

by Silphid

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Lord Graviax, Canadian Slayer Sword 2007

Lord Graviax, Canadian Slayer Sword 2007

This year I set myself to a great personnal challenge: Attempt my first full sculpt, and no NMM! I must confess that the torso is a plastic terminator chest which I enlarged and re-worked, but otherwise my result is all sculpted.

It appears my motto since the Juggernaut remains true: Pushing yourself to go above and beyond what you can currently do is the best way to learn and improve your work. I honestly never thought I could achieve a result I would be so proud of. It is far from a perfect sculpt, but I have learned a lot through it, in both sculpting and painting. I owe Jérémie (Bragon) zenithal light sourcing and Allan the Steel metallics. I like to think my work on the red and gold is my own "Messieurs, je vous remercie et vous salue!"

I hope you enjoy this adaptation of my style, moving towards more realistic effects, though it retains a certain fantasy appeal in the colors which I enjoy. I believe it is my best work to date, and I look forward to my next full sculpt project, this time I will go for more organic shapes... and no more red for a while

Vincent Hudon

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#444763 Rating: 10 12 Dec 2015
#395213 Rating: 10 21 Apr 2013
#366933 Rating: 10 6 Apr 2012
2 things 1. how did you paint the red 2. how did you paint the battle damage
#357969 Rating: 9 12 Dec 2011
could i have the details of how you made the axe please?
#329183 Rating: 10 29 Aug 2010
ha mais c'est toi qui m' avait posté un message sur mon prince demon...^^ felicitations pour tes goldens tu les merites, cette figurine reste l' une de mes favoris....
#325234 Rating: 10 24 Jun 2010
........................ah! no words.
#307726 Rating: 10 9 Nov 2009
excuse me while i flip through the thesaures to find synonyms for awsome.
#301545 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2009
Wow. It's just amzing. I really would like to know how youpainted this fantastic red. Goodbye and bonne chance.
#257011 Rating: 10 27 Apr 2008
This is why youre one of the best in the world. So unbelievably cool.
#251787 Rating: 10 2 Mar 2008
I'm not even gonna try to sound like i understand halft the things you've done to create this fantastic miniature... It's simply amazing. And btw, Black Templars is the roock & roll chapter you need...






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