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Emperor of Mankind
Manufacturer: Greens
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Emperor of Mankind

Emperor of Mankind

What do you think about this vision of WH40 god ?

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#229328 Rating: 10 11 Jul 2007
W.O.W Do tej pory asz zobaczylem ta figurke to myslalem ze to niemozliwe zeby zrobic takie detale rencznie.10!10!10!10! Pozdrawiam Miki Ps.Jedziesz w tym roku do warszwy na GD?
#228254 Rating: 10 28 Jun 2007
Świetna sprawa - jak Ty robisz ręcznie te mikro detale ?
#228253 Rating: 8 28 Jun 2007
i love the figure its just and correct me if im wrong but are the rivets pressed into the GS if so maybe sculpt them over the armour to make them stand out a bit more.....and the other thing i pcked up on was the cloak seems to "square".... you clearly have sculpting talent coming out your ears and i feel you could improve if your cloaks all flowed as well as the rest of the figure.... other than that the figure is a nice sculpt...... you are coming along in leaps and bounds at the moment and cant wait to see whats coming next.... cheers, Scott
#225219 Rating: 9 26 May 2007
heh, I think the only way this guy will be able to move is to do the diaper waddle. Nice sculpting though!
#224795 Rating: 8 22 May 2007
plaszcz tragiczny, pazury powyginane i poza niespecjalna
#224268 Rating: 10 17 May 2007
Truly majestic !!! My favourite representation of the emperor so far !!!
#224236 Rating: 10 16 May 2007
Niesamowity postęp, z każdą figurką stajesz się lepszy tutaj to już mistrzostwo niemalże. Tylko te pazury troche są powyciagane nienaturalnie, ale poza tym super. Ile kosztuje taki Imperator? Pozdrawiam!
#224182 Rating: 9 16 May 2007
This time, Grytz, you have surpassed yourself! Please try to express yourself with dynamic movment in your sculpted figures. Nevertheless this a good mini! Will you paint it or will someone else do it? It must be painted! How long time did it take for you to sculpt this figure of yours?
#224173 Rating: 9 16 May 2007
Outstanding in detail and execution. But now after having a try on this conman you should sculpt the one and only emperor - HORUS






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