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So everyone knows Anne Foerster, staff painter at Reaper Miniatures and creator of the Reaper Master Series paint line, and my all-time best girl and partner in crime. Anne feels there are never enough cool female dwarf minis. So for ReaperCon 2007 Amy Brehm coordinates, secretly, a group of Anne's friends and comrades to paint up a bunch of cool female dwarfs. Just for Anne, just to show we appreciate her. I wanted to do something on top of that, so I begged Werner Klocke for sculpting time, and he turned out Vaitalla. (This is Anne's alter ego who's had many incarnations over the years, including her current WoW character, a--surprise!--female dwarf.) Several of the group chose this model to paint. It will never be produced for sale (for several reasons, not least of which is its incorporation of WoW imagery).

The little Abyssinian represents Anne's first cat, Ishtar, who went to kitty heaven some years ago.

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#227172 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2007
She's gorgeous! My only negative comment is that she's not available for purchase for the rest of us (d'oh!).
#226886 Rating: 8 14 Jun 2007
Good paint , doesn't pop but its not bad either, I think the stone came out nice. As for the sculpt, shes good but.. here expression is a bit lacking , kind of like a drugged out blah expression, maybe one of her spells fried her brain, then again a lot of his sculpts are making these types of faces.
#226848 Rating: 9 14 Jun 2007
WoW imagery? Would that be the generic fantasy or GW proportions/oversized weapons ;-P Great work, but the angle makes the staff blades look more stonelike than NMM, but not enough that I am convinced that is the desired effect. The stone base also looks a bit monochromatic (some warmer shading might have helped break it up a bit). Minor nitpicks. Still a top notch piece, though!
#226170 Rating: 9 7 Jun 2007
Great mini, great paint job, and kitty sentiment to boot! Your friend is very lucky.
#226150 Rating: 9 7 Jun 2007
Holy cow!! Awesome as always, Jen. And a 10 for doing such a nice thing for Anne, especially with the memorial of her kitty. Now I'm just depressed that I can't have one of my own. Can't you get Werner to resculpt it without the WoW references so we can all have one?
#226149 Rating: 10 7 Jun 2007
Wow. Absolutely amazing. Being very picky about dwarf minis myself, I find this to be an excellent job both sculpting and painting. It's a shame it'll never see production, but maybe we can get something like it for Reaper's Dark Heaven Line or Warlord. I also like that Werner did not put TOO many "fiddly bits" on it. Well done.
#226105 Rating: 10 7 Jun 2007
Very nice!






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