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Be'Lakor, the Dark Master, Chaos Daemon
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by spooktalker

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Be'Lakor, the Dark Master, Chaos Daemon

Be'Lakor, the Dark Master, Chaos Daemon

Commission job. Took Gold in Fantasy Large at Kublacon 2007, the west coast's biggest tabletop/rpg con. Also won Best Games Workshop overall. This fig screamed out to me to have the chest icon glowing red like this. I figured I wouldn't be the first to paint it that way but I looked around and haven't seen another like it. Went with dark, realistic hues for the flesh. Wings have green in the shadows, and are lighter on the outside than the inside. The armor is some dark alloy with both purple and green. I love the touchdown pose this figure has, and all the great details, like the gem in the eye of one of the skulls.

Please comment/critique!

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Viewer comments:
#344155 Rating: 10 13 Apr 2011
Wow, if I didn't know better, I'd say that this model was photoshoped to make the chaos star look so... shiny! Epic!
#261928 Rating: 9 15 Jun 2008
Excellent work! I really like the natural tones and the contrast of the Chaos symbol. A great piece of work.
#255728 Rating: 9 13 Apr 2008
I tell ya, that icon on the chest really makes this one pop. Excelent work there.
#250451 Rating: 9 16 Feb 2008
Your Be'Lakor has been an inspiration to me. I have nicked the glowing symbol idea, and your general paint scheme as well. I am making mine a little brighter, but I must say this model is top notch. The wings and symbol are a 10...the body is a 9, and the details like skulls and chains are an 8. You have a solid 9 in my book, which is as close to perfect as you can get without giving me a heart attack.
#232666 Rating: 10 16 Aug 2007
hey there spook....long time looker first time poster on your stuff. your style is wonderful and really well done. hope to see more as time goes on. this belakor has many aspects that make it rival alexi z's. however i would like to see a little osl on the face from the chaos symbol. other than...bloody amazing. 9.6
#228082 Rating: 10 26 Jun 2007
I don't think this mini is bland at all. There is a great amount of detail and the chest symbol, well I don't even need to mention how cool that is. The fact that you used darker colors and a simpier palette only allowed for the chest symbol too look so cool. Other wise the mini would have been too complicated. Aside from the symbol, the wings are freakin sick too. Nice stripping. Awesome job.
#227709 Rating: 9 23 Jun 2007
Wow! That glowing chest is just unbelievable! How on earth did you do it? It's so realistic it looks like it has to have been touched up on Photoshop! Ha ha. The only reason that I didn't give it a 10 is whilst it is very well painted, on all the photos where your eye isn't instantly drawn to the chest symbol, the miniature looks a little bland. Minor complaint - a superb figure. Well done!
#227556 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2007
Fantastic paint job, the colours are just right and that chaos symbol is awesome! I love this model and you have made me want to have a go myself! An inspiration.
#227176 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2007
wow this is great and the chest icon is amazing
#227155 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2007
That is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the chest icon, the wings, the sword, the armour, the skin tones... Just wow.






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