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Chaos Lord of Slaanesh
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN

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Chaos Lord of Slaanesh

Chaos Lord of Slaanesh

This model is my first really complex conversion and was created for Golden Demon UK 1998, where it won gold in the WHF single model category. Using bits from several miniatures I tried to capture the image of an High Elf that has turned to the powers of Chaos.

Painting the model I used purple ink to shade or glaze most areas of the model which creates a certain overall mood. The shield design and the decorative patterns on the shield and horse barding are things that I am still very proud of as well as the facial expression.

More and bigger pictures on my website.

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Viewer comments:
#232029 Rating: 10 11 Aug 2007
yeah, that s a classic!! alltime great work! cheers edgar
#231637 Rating: 10 8 Aug 2007
Very Timeless piece! The metals rock!
#231573 Rating: 10 7 Aug 2007
An oldie, but goodie. Defining Slaanesh iconography in the WHFB setting (and, thankfully, devoid of crab claws ;-) ).
#231526 Rating: 10 7 Aug 2007
my favourite mini from when i started... a classic, i love it
#231259 Rating: 10 4 Aug 2007
I have an old GW hard cover book on golden demon winning entries from around the world and this mini is in it. When I first saw it in the book I thought it was one of the greatest minis had ever seen. Still is! Definately my favorite mini from your gallery and one of the reasons I started painting miniatures in general
#231234 Rating: 10 4 Aug 2007
9.0? someone here is crazy! This mini have 9 years! In my opionion one of the best mini of ever and my favourite mini of your's! This is amizing your are an artist
#230994 Rating: 10 2 Aug 2007
Excellent! Congratulations on the demon, for all those years ago... I particularly love the flesh, and the way the metal shines, ever considered NMM?
#230781 Rating: 10 30 Jul 2007
A classic flair that stands the test of time! Love that armor freehand effect!
#230689 Rating: 10 29 Jul 2007
A classic miniature. Still looking great after almost ten years!






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