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Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by tagron

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Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07

Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07

My golden demon entry for LA this year. The model is a commander culen conversion, the base is sculpy and green stuff.

Anyways, about the paint. This is probably one of my personal favorite models. I think i got closer on this guy to my vison of what chaos/40k should be, than i have on any other model. Anyways, it was lots of fun! So if ya like it, or ya just have something to say, leave me a comment.

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#336728 Rating: 10 17 Dec 2010
bloody brilliant! I look at black legion or other chaos schemes and they look like good guys compared to this model, he looks like he came from like the deepest darkest part of hell or something.....beautiful work man, keep it up!
#324558 Rating: 10 16 Jun 2010
Awesome!. But couldnt you have used a darker set of pictures than this? my eyes cant cope with this much light.
#304863 Rating: 10 8 Oct 2009
Absolutely love this, is indicative of the feeling of Chaos in my opinion. Great stance as well
#304720 Rating: 10 6 Oct 2009
i keep coming back to look at this model. its more inspiring than lance armstrong
#301511 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2009
Lighting and freehand par excellence!
#292358 Rating: 9 5 May 2009
Very striking, I find myself liking your vision of a chaos terminator!
#279670 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2009
that is unbelievable you have a talent for back drops, well done truly amazing..
#261472 Rating: 10 9 Jun 2008
It looks like the paradigma of true evil. SEEK AND DESTROY!
#252061 Rating: 10 5 Mar 2008
one of the best i have ever gazed apone in my 13 years
#246135 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2008
one of my favorite models on this site, truly amazing






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