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Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by tagron

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Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07

Chaos Terminator Silver GDLA 07

My golden demon entry for LA this year. The model is a commander culen conversion, the base is sculpy and green stuff.

Anyways, about the paint. This is probably one of my personal favorite models. I think i got closer on this guy to my vison of what chaos/40k should be, than i have on any other model. Anyways, it was lots of fun! So if ya like it, or ya just have something to say, leave me a comment.

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#232586 Rating: 10 15 Aug 2007
Like Severatus I got a close up view. Overall dark subdued theme added a lot of character to the chaos figure. The Gld winner may be more what GW wants but this figure is more of what we want. Thanks for providing us the pleasure of seeing it.
#232564 Rating: 10 15 Aug 2007
Yes i am in agreeance with everybody this is a stunning piece of painting & modelling well done its a shame you didnt get gold. It would be nice to see some closer shots with a lighter background in regards to comments that were made on the front page about blending
#232523 Rating: 10 15 Aug 2007!!!!!!
#232490 Rating: 10 15 Aug 2007
#232411 Rating: 10 14 Aug 2007
One of the few 10s I give. Breathtaking.
#232305 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2007
Simply Put .... PIMP S@#t !!! Dare say better in Hand?..... ( Cause I held it in my hand in proper light truely a Piece for a lucky collectors Curio.
#232296 Rating: 9 13 Aug 2007
very nice indeed. The black background on the picture makes it a little hard to see all the details. Congratulations on the GD.
#232280 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2007
Not too crazy about the blade, but that's the extent of what I can criticize about your entry.
#232274 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2007
Waho so impressive ambiance.... i love............ congrats for your silver... Jerems
#232273 Rating: 10 13 Aug 2007
Superb. The black at first looks simplistic but its obviously not...the murals on the wall are mindblowing. Great work!






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