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by haley

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Lysette, sculpted by the talented Werner Klocke, has been slightly converted, with her sword hand replaced by gesturing fingers and her scabbard shortened accordingly. Lysette has been painted as a redhead (please note, her hair is highlighted more brightly than the pictures suggest) dressed in woodland greys and greens. A drift of fallen leaves enhances the autumnal feel. This sculpt has a very fetching sidelong glance and smile!

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Viewer comments:
#42286 Rating: 8 22 Jun 2003
face of an elf, hands of a harpy... Nice work tho'
#28266 Rating: 9 7 Feb 2003
How were the leaves on the base done? They don't look like spices, so I'm curious. I'd guess painted cut paper. The only negative thing is the nature of the added hand; it looks very masculine compared to the hand that grasps the staff. (Looks a bit like a plastic Mordheim hand.) It could just be the angle of the picture. Other than that, it's perfect!
#28258 Rating: 9 7 Feb 2003
Nice to see a more etherial paint scheme following your recent work on the 'Dark Age' figures. I really like your work as it shows a simplicity of colour schemes, and harmonies. My only issue with this mini is the fingernails. To me they seem to look a little talon-like for such a fey figure.

#28238 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2003
it's scary how she's beautiful!
#28230 Rating: 9 7 Feb 2003
Nice effect on the gem, and the inside of the dress gives a sci-fi feel as though her clothes are mechanical/computerized.
#28214 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2003
#28203 Rating: 6 7 Feb 2003
Jen, this is my second post on this site, but i will tell i am a very admirable fan of your work. that dark elf 40k figure you did with the citadel paint cap as part of the base was brilliant. as far as this mini goes you are definatley top tier! I love the leaves on the base! i only hope that when i reach my pinnacle my work is half as good as yours!
#28178 Rating: 10 6 Feb 2003
Absolutely stunning Jen. Man, and I am supposed to do this one right away too Glad to see you do some more Reaper.






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