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Forgeworld - Death Korp Of Krieg General
Manufacturer: Other
Category: SF

by Crackpot

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Forgeworld - Death Korp Of Krieg General

Forgeworld - Death Korp Of Krieg General

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#421617 Rating: 10 13 Jun 2014
Stunning work my friend!
#337491 Rating: 10 1 Jan 2011
Der Mantel ist der absolute Wahnsinn. Super gemacht. Respekt

#279028 Rating: 10 23 Dec 2008
Einfach nur atemberaubend!
#254929 Rating: 10 6 Apr 2008
its great, but i have seen better. the thing is this model shouldent get anything under a 10 great job!
#251010 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2008
A way hell well deserved blast from the past...
#250367 Rating: 10 15 Feb 2008
Stunning, smooth, clean, perfect paintjob!! Deserves nothing less than a 10! If I could, I would put a score of 100 just to bring up the damn average XD
#245785 Rating: 10 28 Dec 2007
Amazing. His coat is incredibly realistic, the area around the seam in the middle of his back is just insanely good. I suppose if you mushed some GS into the two folds on the lower half of his coat then you could have just done the seams in freehand and it would have looked a touch more natural and matched the top, but as it is it looks spectacular.
#245217 Rating: 10 21 Dec 2007
Amazing work, the jacket looks great, perfect 10
#243920 Rating: 8 9 Dec 2007
Very nice indeed. The NMM is deserving of a 10. However the trenchcoat brings it down. The front is not done to the standard of the rest of the model and the back looks unnatural and forced. You should have done it as it is. 3D on 2D surfaces is very hard to pull off, and you have not quite managed it.
#241535 Rating: 10 14 Nov 2007
i like the Mini great paintjob.






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