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Black Templar high marshall in Terminator armour
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by demonherald


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Black Templar high marshall in Terminator armour

Black Templar high marshall in Terminator armour

yet more weathering fun..wanted to do a black templar with a bit more colour to it while sticking to the original colours.. experimented with rackham paints for doing rusty bits a great flat effect thanks for the tip Kirill.
I have several other versions of Lysander coming up including another Belial a blood angel and a wolve..all good fun.

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#237554 Rating: 10 5 Oct 2007
Awesome mini !!!!! Score should be much higher!!!! GOD bless .............VINCENTI
#237141 Rating: 9 30 Sep 2007
#236322 Rating: 9 23 Sep 2007
Really dig the pose, the weathering is very bluffing, and the cape is excellent. On the downside the red glod on his left side would require a more obvious source, right now I don't understand why so much light. The base could be a little livelier, perhaps a few glazes of greens, blues and snakebyte in uneven tones would add realism to the natural rocks. Overall an excellent piece!
#236314 23 Sep 2007
cheers for the score and comments.. point 1 and 2 are sort of related... The red on the face doesn't look as dark IRL and the red on the hammer is not as flat...for some reason Red seems to have saturated a bit on this one..(Maybe the blue background confusing the camera??? I really don't know..As for why is the red on the face only on one side it is more pink IRL and is light coming from the inside of the armour area something I've been bobbing on a lot of models a lately....cheers again
#236210 Rating: 10 22 Sep 2007
This is a Clear 10! Very Cool work But 2 questions: Why does his Face shine so red on left Side? The Red Parts on the Hammer look a bit unfinished to me...more Detail there? Almost a Wonderfull Mini !!!






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