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Manufacturer: Griffin
Category: Fantasy

by goatman

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This is the excellent Thor from Griffin Miniatures collectors line.
I was really impressed by the size and detail of this Miniature. It´s about 18cm tall and weights over 1kg. I think this is like a sculpt of Thor should be like

If you want to get more information of the sculpt and upcoming miniatures from Griffin Miniatures, feel free and visit:

Hope you´ll like it

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Viewer comments:
#397557 Rating: 10 24 May 2013
Wow! Quite amazing model... and the shading on Mjolnir and Thor's skin - just wow...
#205760 Rating: 10 6 Dec 2006
Simply great! I only had expected Mjöllnir to be golden but this way it looks better!!! Bei dem Anblick ziehen gleich die Wolken auf!...
#157420 Rating: 10 26 Nov 2005
#112935 Rating: 9 4 Dec 2004
It's a superb paint for a superb sculpt, nice work really! (the beard is overdone compared to the rest of the mini... but maybe it's the pic. Anyway: 9.5 - Kow
#83540 Rating: 10 3 May 2004
Very Gooddddddd i
#78516 Rating: 10 22 Mar 2004
il est vraiment phéoménal,magnifique les détails rien à dire bravo.
#77704 Rating: 10 15 Mar 2004
I really love the gold NMM on the base. It seems to glow. Beautiful! I like the way his left hand rests on his thigh; makes him looked relaxed. He looks equally ready to join a battle or swig mead in the great hall.
#68616 Rating: 10 9 Jan 2004
This is simply amazing. The detail, the metals, the skin ... he looks almost alive to me. One thing I was always wondering: what colours do you use for that amazing silver non-metal? I simply love the blue-ish glow it has.
#52769 Rating: 9 10 Sep 2003
Very impressive job, if a little muted for my tastes... And is that hammer trying to get a peek under his loincloth?
#52556 Rating: 9 8 Sep 2003
Well, painting is simply great, but the model... he looks as though he had 2h hammer in his hands just a second ago... "oops, where's the rest of the grip? it had been in my hand for all my life and now it's gone!!!"






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