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Brother Captain Severus GD UK Gold vehicle
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by demonherald

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Brother Captain Severus GD UK Gold vehicle

Brother Captain Severus GD UK Gold vehicle

I still can't believe I got Gold.....The model is made to represent brother Captain Severus serving under the Third company..
Part of a Nid Hunter Themed army the whole thing was quite an undertaking..
the most difficult thing was the start and getting the movement to the model meaning I had to completely cut off all the original Forgeworld pipes and joints on the legs and repin in the new position with my own brass rods plastic tubes and cables etc...

The large Nid head on the power claw as well as the head on the back are representing trophies and further enhancing the Nid Hunter theme...

Thanks to Yellow One for some early advice on colours for my NMM as well as rust colours ..I took a risk doing NMM for the UK Demons but went for a dark highly damaged look that fit well.. The rusting has been done quite heavy as this guy spends most of his time fighting in the high humidity acidic atmosphere of Nid infested worlds.Also some people have mentioned before that gld doesn't rust...I know this the areas of rust on any gold areas are purely run off from the armour areas..
. The whole armour is painted in Freehand designs representing some of Severus's many battle honours and the back banner is slightly stylised 3rd company banner

so let me know what you think.. I shall hopefully get some better pics shortly light round here has been terrible but just wanted to see what you guys think cheers.

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Viewer comments:
#325632 Rating: 10 1 Jul 2010
its very well done but i dont lik the tyranid bits space marines wouldnt not disgrace their armour with xenos for anything other then trophies
#310634 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2009
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that. Lay down your brushes, salute demonherald, and never dare to hope of attaining such majesty!!!!
#281732 Rating: 10 22 Jan 2009
One of the most beautiful and best minis I've ever seen. Greetz, Jonathan
#278210 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2008
a really well thought out mini great theme & atmosphere.. battle damage & weatherin r top notch..
#270810 Rating: 10 24 Sep 2008
I am so impressed! Bravo!
#256196 Rating: 10 19 Apr 2008
Great job! If you could choose an 11 I would give. The banner is so amazing. I wonder how you made all the freehands. What a stunning paintjob.
#256094 Rating: 10 17 Apr 2008
i look at this piece of art at least once a of the best dreads i ever saw,and the gold is well deserved.great source of inspirations,like most of your minis^_^
#253958 Rating: 10 29 Mar 2008
Severus is the best dreadnought I've ever seen, really a great job! love the tyranide hunter theme!
#253684 Rating: 10 26 Mar 2008
Seriously WOW.
#242292 Rating: 10 23 Nov 2007
Its a bit good. I missed getting to see it on the day ARGGGGHHHHHHhh but thankfully i can see it here If you ever fancy posting up some of your stuff especially wip on then please do as our members would love to get some ideas from a master






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