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Nurgle Marine Mutant
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by automaton

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Nurgle Marine Mutant

Nurgle Marine Mutant

hello everyone, I am finally home from my big trip through Europe, and now it is time to upload the miniature pics at last.

This one was my entry for UK GD 07 in the 40k single mini category - to my great surprise, shock and absolute excitement I was lucky enough to win the gold demon, wow what a huge honour, I still can't believe it!!

It is a nurgle marine mutant, with a lot of inspiration drawn from Cyril's nurgle marine from the Ravage Mix Open last year (2006). I wanted to try something more complex and ambitious with the weathering, so the whole thing was a bit of an experiment....very frustrating at times!

For the sculpting work, the mini actually has a plastic space marine torso and legs inside it. I re-arranged the plastic legs' positioning and the pose of the torso, then used them as the base structure over which to build the armour of the nurgle marine. I wanted him to look much more bulky and heavy than a normal marine, bloated and almost ready to burst out of the armour. The claw arm was inspired by the mutant taxi driver guy from 'Total Recall' haha.

Well anyway, I hope you like it - there will be more pictures of the painting and sculptwork on my website soon, as well as a bit of an explanation of the techniques, colours etc..

Finally, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the amazing, friendly people I met on my trip, at UK GD, or Ravage Mix Open in Paris, or Italy GD. It was so great to finally meet you all, and your warm welcome and kindness really meant a lot to me. Thank you, I had the best time!

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Viewer comments:
#269293 Rating: 9 7 Sep 2008
Looks great! I even giggled when i saw his face.
#258927 Rating: 10 17 May 2008
This mini is amazing. I have one question though, I noticed the lambda sign on the gun, and the colour of it leads me to believe that it is a Half-Life reference. The weathering must have taken more time than I care to imagine. And I loved that taxi guy, you have really done hime justice. Great work.
#251681 Rating: 10 1 Mar 2008
#240881 Rating: 9 8 Nov 2007
Fantastic, gold in 40k & Warhammer single :p Nice
#240647 Rating: 10 6 Nov 2007
The weathering is perfect, I had this down for winning the Slayer Sword! Your weathering is perfect. It's stuff like this that keeps me out of the 'Single Miniature' catagories Superb! No Drama!
#240547 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2007
10 for the details
#240493 Rating: 10 5 Nov 2007
yeah, i love this... your work on metal rust and dirt is the best absolute, you are the best painter i've ever seen in real life Sebastian!!! amazing, fantastic, unreal painter, and man too. ave!!!
#240434 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2007
OOOH AAAAAHHHH! I love all things Nurge and this is one of the coolest conversions I have seen. He looks very arachnoid with those eyes and teeth. He looks festering but not all that mean though. I am kicking myself over all the weathering. Even if it was a little frustrating for you it certainly seems to have paid off and was worth it. The green of the tank is really nice and draws my eye straight in.
#240410 Rating: 10 4 Nov 2007
The weathering is ...perfect. Your work is really an inspiration
#240089 Rating: 10 1 Nov 2007
You confirm to be one of the best artists of the planet, my friend... you works are brillant and original, you're a genious!






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