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Imperial Guard Commissar III.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by derwish

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Imperial Guard Commissar III.

Imperial Guard Commissar  III.

This one is the third and the last Commissar. Especielly the base was very funny to make. Hope you like it.

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Best wishes, derwish.

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#248335 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2008
#248334 Rating: 6 23 Jan 2008
Very nice, I love the metalics on the breast plate!
#246197 Rating: 10 3 Jan 2008
Love him
#245592 Rating: 10 26 Dec 2007
wow! this one is really nice.. i don't like the miniature itself very much but your job turned out very well, so it doesn't really matter to me if the miniature is a nice one or not ... simply great! @cheeba: ich glaube kaum, dass er das, was du geschrieben hast verstehen wird.. villt solltest du kommentare besser auf englisch hinterlassen, da die meistn user hier die sprache mehr oder weniger beherrschen und kommentare auf englisch daher besser verständlich sind (für die breite masse)
#243859 Rating: 10 8 Dec 2007
scheiß mi on!...also i muss sagen klein a echt pippifein...weiß gar net was i sagen soll, weil da fällt mir echt goanix ein...a 11er base und a 10er mini...geil! hoff wir treffen uns amal. Cheers Tom
#243517 Rating: 10 4 Dec 2007
I really look forward to seeing your commissars. They are always painted in realistic tones. I still adore the powerfisted one, for the effect on the fist alone, but this is equally as good. Nice touch with the bullet holes and cracking plaster.
#243483 Rating: 10 4 Dec 2007
From all Comissars of yours this one is the best... I enjoy every single part of it... GREAT Stuff, great, great lighting... I hope I will see this in real life some day...... 10 Points...
#243474 Rating: 9 4 Dec 2007
me gusta mucho
#242845 Rating: 10 28 Nov 2007
Incredible base, extremely realistic lights & shadows, insane amount of detail, fantastic brooding atmosphere. Brilliant work.
#242831 Rating: 10 28 Nov 2007
WOW... You've painted this commissar as if a real WWII miniatures. Its so realistic. Plus, the terrain makes it so real. Great work!!!






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