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Badruk 'Eadsplitta Black Orc Warlord
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by SaxonAngel

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Badruk 'Eadsplitta Black Orc Warlord

Badruk 'Eadsplitta Black Orc Warlord

My first Orc done in NMM

I love this sculpt by Brian "Orc Master" Nelson. It's feral, beautiful and just screams "WAAAAGH!. This was only given out at the US and UK 2000 Games Days. Of course those of us who have never been to a GD just go to eBay Oh yeah and the skull is from Rafm.
Done as a gift for my husband.


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#442542 Rating: 10 29 Sep 2015
I wish i'll be able to paint like that one day man. Inspiring
#174030 Rating: 10 10 Apr 2006
I slated your Grimgor for being too pale (only gave him a 9). This lad is jus perfect.
#74858 Rating: 9 21 Feb 2004
Wow!!!!!Impressive!!!!Amazing!!!!I wanna b like you men
#55412 Rating: 9 28 Sep 2003
Wow! Really nice! I showed this picture to a friend of mine who's dying to get his hands on a model of Badruk. Seeing this beautifully painted mini only made it worse! =D
#42485 Rating: 10 24 Jun 2003
I love this model!
#35645 Rating: 8 16 Apr 2003
so,it's very good paint job with a perfect color choice but it will be more animal ,more gore for a battle
#34586 Rating: 10 5 Apr 2003
I noticed a few folks saying that this miniature wasn't "orky" enough and figured I'd mention that if you go back far enough in White Dward issues you'll see that this ork is the EPITOME of a Goff Clan ork. Goff's preferred Red & Black & checkerboard outfits. They tended to get into the thick of the fighting. Bad moons were yeller and blue, Deathskulls were the lootas IIRC... Blood Axe's were all-about being influenced by Imperium taktix.... Anyway... enough o' my ramblin'
#34522 Rating: 10 4 Apr 2003
#33060 Rating: 9 24 Mar 2003
Why is this posted twice ? ... nice paint job but looks like a football player, not an orc warrior ('sif I know what an orc is s'posed to look like !) It certainly shows off your skill as a mini-painter - I've just not given it a 10 because I prefer my orcs more "orcy" ;-) The other post is
#32571 Rating: 10 20 Mar 2003
WOW 8-) great model






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