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Blood Angels Space Marine Champion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Mudski


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Blood Angels Space Marine Champion

Blood Angels Space Marine Champion

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#262080 Rating: 10 17 Jun 2008
10 out of 10 m8 Idk what they are thinking this model is perfect! The backpack makes the wings feel like they are mechanical, and what power cables? Those could just as well be exhaust for the backpack! seeing as a normal backpack has 2 as it is....they fit perfect and the sword stands out from the model, as it should! I love the wings, helmet, and the cloth they are my fav parts. Greeeeat job on this model!! i think it should be a golden demon!
#248797 Rating: 8 28 Jan 2008
I'd be giving a 9 if the backpack/wings thing was a bit more convincing. The rest of the model looks like you spent a ton of time and effort (gorgeous rich red color!), but the wings and big cables that don't hook into anything take something away from overall impression.
#248762 Rating: 9 28 Jan 2008
Too often Blood angels look like tomatoes, but you found the perfect red, very intense and strong. I also like the flaming sword, but the wings are clearly over the top, a good old jumppack with some extras on it would have looked better I think.
#248736 Rating: 9 28 Jan 2008
Excellent freehand and a brilliant use of reds. However the flames are dominating the sword too much in my opinion.
#248729 Rating: 9 28 Jan 2008
think the wings need a bit more shading, but the rest of the mini is great. has a bit of an "old school" feel to it, but that's not bad. hope it yields a better price than just 91 Dollar. Cheers, Trov.
#247899 Rating: 9 20 Jan 2008
stunning ! ok the wings are a wee bit o.t.t. but the paint job alone makes it a 9
#247867 Rating: 9 19 Jan 2008
really nice blendings on the red, so smooth!
#247861 Rating: 9 19 Jan 2008
I love the wings! And the red... and good base too!
#247850 Rating: 9 19 Jan 2008
Pretty sweet Blood angels! I really like the red and base. Only thing I don't think is fittings is the big backpack... seems a little too bulky for a flying champion. Excellent painting though!
#247848 Rating: 9 19 Jan 2008
Awsome. The perfect red!






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