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Corax Primarch of Ravenguard
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by GRYTZminis


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Corax Primarch of Ravenguard

Corax Primarch of Ravenguard

Corax - Primarch of Ravenguard

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Viewer comments:
#317805 Rating: 8 17 Mar 2010
Not sure if everyone ere has noticed, but the wings arent spposed to be real, they are attatched to his back-pack thing, and arent organic.
#293518 Rating: 6 20 May 2009
Nice sculpt but the wings and pose realy mess things up in my oppinion.
#260706 Rating: 7 2 Jun 2008
*bio-mech wings not organic sorry.
#260704 Rating: 7 2 Jun 2008
wolverine claws haha. awesome sculpt. but its just not Corax. he needs organic wings for awesomeness. and is he doing pilates? yep the pose is just weird...
#254639 Rating: 6 4 Apr 2008
Smooth sculpting, really good face. But the wings, the claws, and the talons are awfull to me, completely out of the rest of the mini. Too bad.
#254465 Rating: 9 2 Apr 2008
I don't like the wings at all. Corax is a stealth master. I always pictured him in cut down armor, closer to that of a member of the Officio Assasinorum as opposed to the massive, highly ornate armor of the other Primarchs. This really reminds me to much of Sanguinas. A beautiful sculpt regardless. Face is great, one of the best I've ever seen. Only other suggestion would be to use something more akin to lightning claws for the Ravons Talons if you want the armor so ornate.
#249207 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2008
the wings shouldnt look real as they arent real. i like the wings as they are.
#248274 Rating: 9 23 Jan 2008
Yes, I like the sculpt, but these wings look to static in my opinion, "real" wings for example from a war hawk or so would look better... but nethertheless, great work!






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