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On to Valhalla... A Grom and Valkyrie vignette
Manufacturer: CoolMiniOrNot
Category: Fantasy

by SaxonAngel


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On to Valhalla... A Grom and Valkyrie vignette

Competition: 1st CoolMiniOrNot Painting Contest!
On to Valhalla... A Grom and Valkyrie vignette

a dying warrior awaits his final end....

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Viewer comments:
#79954 Rating: 7 2 Apr 2004
She looks like she's about to finish him off rather than take him away.
#42303 Rating: 10 22 Jun 2003
Faultless, from what I can see. If that was my model however (I wish!) It would have fallen to pieces just after the photo was taken. You are the strongest link. Goodbye.
#40417 Rating: 9 3 Jun 2003
How did you manage to get the angel pinned to that branch like that? Ive tried suchlike and ended up with the weight of the mini bending the leg. You must have the pin going way up her leg? Top modeller and painter.
#39132 Rating: 10 21 May 2003
We have a winner !!!
#31094 Rating: 9 8 Mar 2003
Imagery is excellent, you’ve added a lot of character to this models. Paint job is great as well. You skill level has made leaps and bounds in a short period of time. Great job. __ Xavier
#31082 Rating: 10 8 Mar 2003
Wow, this is some piece of work! I think your conversion is outstanding!!! I also think you should get bonus points for working both minis into one composition, especially with the tie to mythology.
#30957 Rating: 10 7 Mar 2003
Wow. I have to agree with a few of our esteemed colleagues by stating that I also did not care much for the minis, and here you are making me wish I'd gotten some. Truly beautiful. Thank you.
#30937 Rating: 10 7 Mar 2003
Angel, you win! That's all I wanna say about that...
#30796 Rating: 10 5 Mar 2003
Did you find some sort of "Become a World-Class Painter" pill...!? You are definately at the proverbial next level, Angel! Outstanding job!
#30775 Rating: 9 5 Mar 2003
Brilliantly creative. You've managed to take two lackluster minis and make a great work out of them. Congratulations on this wonderful piece!






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