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3 Classic Night Goblins
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by JRN


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3 Classic Night Goblins

3 Classic Night Goblins

- painted in classic old school eavy metal style plus a little extra attention.
As always I love these classic figures from the early 90s and I enjoyed painting them just as I have painted more than 200 other night goblins in the past...

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Viewer comments:
#447819 Rating: 9 27 Mar 2016
Love the classics.
#387987 Rating: 9 16 Jan 2013
Really nice ones

#250275 14 Feb 2008
Thanks for the comments everyone. I am glad that most of you like my interpretation of the classic night goblins. I really enjoyed revisiting these fabulous old sculpts.
#250255 Rating: 9 14 Feb 2008
I disagree. Jacob`s style is so unparalled these "mere" goblins are works of art. you fail to see the subtle effects he has incorporated: The tone of skin and choice of highlight level makes these somewhat cartoony looking guys look almost....err.."real". look at the clubbers pinkish nose: only a tad to much fungus brew for that guy, he can probably have more. And dont even get me started on the metalics. No one does metal like jacob. So you see there is a very good reason why his name is what it is!!! And btw a 5 is an atrocity. I give it a 9 because the figures are painted as good as they can get, judging them on their level, but the bases are to simple for a 10. I guess they are part of an army...
#250049 Rating: 5 11 Feb 2008
It's just a good table top level, cannot understand how this is near a 9.0 when some Golden demon winners stuff are just near from 8.5 on this site... Give this goblin without the name and you'll have 7.2 or less.... Palmarès is more important than painting at the end...
#249673 Rating: 10 7 Feb 2008
As always... nothing new Great goblins, great style, it reminds me old photos in White Dwarf and the best edition (in my opinion) of the O&G miniatures. Timeless minis and painting style. Regards Sławol
#249533 Rating: 10 6 Feb 2008
Great job as always! I am a big fan of your night gobbos. I have always prefered the classic night gobbos to the new ones.
#249437 Rating: 9 5 Feb 2008
Straight and clear - brings back the old days of miniatures youth perfectly - beutiful paintjob. Regards jar
#249431 Rating: 10 5 Feb 2008
Your way to paint night goblins is unique, I can not think of a way to paint tem better; you are the true embodiment of the heavy-metal style. The faces of these three are just hilarious!






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