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Layla bint Suraya bint Javaira
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Layla bint Suraya bint Javaira

Layla bint Suraya bint Javaira

Hello everyone!
This is another model from Hell Dorado I've sculpted and painted!

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#253435 Rating: 10 23 Mar 2008
Beautiful in more than one way. the colors are fantastic, i love the green gemstones on the white steed. white is the color i always find trouble when trying to give depth and shadow , and you have truly done it with consistency and perfection. i aspire to paint like you. 10/10.
#253258 Rating: 10 21 Mar 2008
this is maybe the most beautiful female model I have seen so far; it is also certainly the most beautifiul horse I have eves layed eyes on! No matte what detail I look at, everything is absolutely flawless and radiates pure perfection!
#253142 Rating: 10 19 Mar 2008
The base is a bit underwhelming, but the sculpting and painting is outstanding! I particularly like the effects on the sheer pant leg.
#252924 Rating: 10 17 Mar 2008
First, awesome sculpting job. You've succeeded to sculpt an arabic horse and it's so rare to notice it in the minis. The woman is very cute and dynamic. Secund, the painting job usual perfect. The white horse could have some grey "pommelé" effects, but it's fine like this. Good job, i keep my money for this one.
#252613 Rating: 10 12 Mar 2008
The cleanest whites in the world. And the skin. Totally breathtaking. I love both sculpt and paint, but I believe that the front legs of the horse are too long. Regards, Master!
#252590 Rating: 10 12 Mar 2008
"Sculpted and painted?" Dang. This is beautiful work: a rare combination of delicately feminine and powerfully confident. Your excellent painting only adds to this impression. I'm VERY impressed! I've always thought it would be fun to get a mini from Hell Dorado. Now I know what I'm buying first.
#252547 Rating: 10 11 Mar 2008
I love the muted, monochromatic color scheme. This is a gorgeous mini.






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