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Salamander Space Marine Terminator - bigger Pics
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by jarhead

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Salamander Space Marine Terminator - bigger Pics

Salamander Space Marine Terminator - bigger Pics

Again i have to thank about the great response to this terminator i've done...

I have been asked from a lot of people about trying to get bigger and better pics. The old ones had become kinda crispy when getting uploaded to CMON. First i set a different URL from another upload-site to CMON to get a bigger pic in the file size. The first one got converted to a CMON-link... maybe this is not allowed, i don't know - here i try again with some more angles of that guy and hopefully get "non-crispy-becoming pics" - tried to get 'em bigger too...

Here is the first version - thx again for all the comments who were left there...

I am still improving my photoskills to get the mini exactly as it looks like - the first pics have been a little bit to bright - would have been great i've my dad would have been a photograph - but life always plans something different ...


PS: Painted for a collector!

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#372722 Rating: 10 29 Jun 2012
Stunning move, much anger on his face, gorgeous color in the palette least I can put is 10, but will copy the picture and I'll put in my favorites. in ANCIENT GREEK'll say well done <<ΕΥΓΕ>>
#293018 Rating: 9 14 May 2009
awsome mini and cool base but it's shading is a bit 2 strong for my taste anyhow one of the best!!! love the face 2!!!
#292849 Rating: 10 12 May 2009
wow that is amazing keep up the good work although i thout salamander skin is supposed to be jet black who cares amazing!!
#273061 Rating: 10 19 Oct 2008
Stunning! What a masterpiece! Every little detail is magnificent!
#263949 Rating: 10 6 Jul 2008
Whoa... I mean... Whoa!
#258918 Rating: 9 17 May 2008
I love this. theres a quality to it that reminds me of a classic oilpainting or something. The guy looks implacable, like hes probably been stomping about in that armour for decades. the choice of head and the tone really makes this work.
#255479 11 Apr 2008
Hi there - many thanks for all the feedback - i am a little late in answering because of a lot of study things going on lately... no more mini painting, only learning atm, wurgs! @Wolkenmann: That head is from GW's Chaos Terminator Lord...thy for your kind words... Keep on happy painting everyone! Regards jar
#255349 Rating: 9 9 Apr 2008
Excellent shading and I really like the face, it has alot of character. Well done.
#254428 Rating: 10 2 Apr 2008
Great job as always Jar! Armor looks lived in and the marine looks like he's been around a longtime.
#254305 Rating: 9 1 Apr 2008
So langsam aber sicher machst du mir echt Angst . Wenn ich sehe, wie sich deine Wertungen und deine Arbeiten in den letzten 2 Jahren verändert haben und dann noch deine Geschwindigkeit sehe, mit der du diese Arbeiten raushaust.... Wenn du mal einen Workshop in Bodenseenähe machst, dag mir Bescheid. Von dir würde ich gerne noch was lernen. Hervorragendes Gesicht. Woher ist eigentlich der Kopf ?! Gruß Wolkenmann






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