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Rasputina, Ice Witch, and Lion Familiar
Manufacturer: Wyrd
Category: Fantasy

by Wren


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Rasputina, Ice Witch, and Lion Familiar

Rasputina, Ice Witch, and Lion Familiar

Even the most powerful witch sometimes finds her spells go awry, and when that happens it's good to have a friend to help get you out of a jam. Of course from a sidekick's point of view, an opportunity to literally light a fire under the ass of the 'hero' is never to be missed!

I painted this as my entry in round 4 of season 4's Iron Painter over at Wyrd Games. I was paired up against demonherald, who had crushed many talented painters in the previous rounds, so I figured my only shot was to pull out all the stops. The theme of the round was the 'sidekick'. I chose to paint Wyrd's own Rasputina the ice witch and her little lion companion. I came up with the idea of Rasputina screwing up and encasing herself in ice as a way to keep the focus on the sidekick. I painted him in warmer colours as another way of trying to draw focus there.

My main issue in completing this scene was deciding what to use to encase the figure in ice. I first considered some kind of clear resin. Iron Painter rounds are only two weeks long, and it was cold weather, so with only a few days remaining after painting the main figure, I was concerned that the resin wouldn't cure in time if I left it in the basement, and I was concerned about toxic fumes if I used it in the rest of the house. I tried Woodland Scenics Water Effects, but cure time was an issue there too, and it didn't look particularly ice nor very clear. Finally I settled on two-part 5 minute epoxy glue applied in many layers/stages. As I had always planned to add a little tint to the 'ice', so I painted the figure with that in mind. I used a dark teal in the shade mixes throughout the figure, including the skin. All highlights incorporated a blueish white.

I lost the round to demonherald's disturbing but very funny Shrek-inspired diorama, but did manage to win the reputation for being quite mad for covering a nicely-painted model in goo. :->

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Viewer comments:
#353511 Rating: 8 29 Sep 2011
It's a good idea but a real shame that you covered you amazing paint job up with the ice.8
#256773 Rating: 9 24 Apr 2008
The ice effect is really neat, I especially like the color of the ice. The mini was painted fine though!
#254628 Rating: 9 4 Apr 2008
OMG! Wicked!
#254285 Rating: 9 1 Apr 2008
"No, don't cover the pretty mini in goo!" Fun scene - the little lion (looks more like a Yorkie to me) has loads of character, and succeeds as the centerpoint of the scene.
#254282 Rating: 9 1 Apr 2008
VERY brave use of the encased in ice look I think... turned out great though, I really like the humour of the scene.
#254234 Rating: 8 1 Apr 2008
An inspired idea, and the sidekick coming to the rescue is funny She's well-painted IMO, and it's not your fault that her hat resembles Kid-n-Play's hairdo
#254225 Rating: 10 1 Apr 2008
yup quite mad isn't the way I'd put it more completely insane.. love the colours and the scene works really well.
#254208 Rating: 10 1 Apr 2008
Greate Paint job you´ve made And I love the ice diorama






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