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Eldar Conversion
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by haley

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Eldar Conversion

Eldar Conversion

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#337572 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2011
Gorgeous work all around! Great painting, smooth conversion. I take it you are THE Ms. Haley?
#252477 Rating: 10 11 Mar 2008
I love the conversion work and the beautiful paint. Even in the modern day this minis is stunning.
#191228 Rating: 8 20 Aug 2006
Agree with everville.Pic doesn't show much of the blendings so it could be a lot worse than it looks on the pic. It's good painting but I don't get the 9.3
#166662 Rating: 10 5 Feb 2006
I respectfully disagree, Everwill. In my opinion, it is stunning, awe-inspiring, and jawdropping. That's why I bought it, have it on display in my home, and it's featured on my website. It is an amazing piece and friends who visit me (who have no idea who the painter is or would even recognize the name if told) think so. Also, since this piece took First Place in the 2001 SciFi category of the Chick Challenge that year--it appears that at least some other miniature affictionados agree it is an outstanding piece. I think everyones' tastes differ. You gave it an 8 because you honestly felt that was the rating it deserved. If others give it a 9 or a 10, that's because that is the rating others honestly think it deserves. My humble efforts posted on CMON get 5's and 6's, and unfortunately, LOL, that's obviously what people think they honestly deserve. The moral of the story is: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
#140423 Rating: 8 12 Jul 2005
"Stunning"? "Jaw dropping"? No doubt this is yeoman work, but it's not by any stretch "awe inspiring". I have yet to figure out why some figures on this site are rated as a 5 and others as a 9.
#119556 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2005
Mmmm...daddy likes
#87624 Rating: 9 2 Jun 2004
Stunning work.
#16970 Rating: 10 20 Oct 2002
Awe inspiring......
#16403 Rating: 10 15 Oct 2002
"gremlare faints"
#11553 Rating: 10 26 Aug 2002
I must agree. Darn that color scheme is excellent!!






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